Digital Weighing Scale

Rs. 499
  • Portable and Convenient: Our luggage scale features a lightweight, compact design that easily fits into your bag or purse, making it easy to store and carry. It's durable and heavy-duty, designed to stand the test of time and travel. Take it on vacations without adding weight to your belongings, ensuring you stay within airline limits.
  • Battery Included: Our weighing scale comes ready to use with a battery included, so you can start weighing your luggage or items right away.
  • Easy to Change Weight Units: Our travel luggage weighing scale digital offers four weight units (lbs, g, oz, kg), making it versatile and suitable for use in most countries.
  • Multi-purpose Utility: Our luggage weighing scale is designed for versatility, serving as an ideal tool for travel, home, kitchen, flights, and outdoor use. It can also be used as a weight machine for shops up to 50 kgs and as a gas cylinder weight machine, adding value and functionality beyond just weighing luggage.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Comfort: Our digital luggage weighing scale features a clear LCD backlit screen, making it easy to read in both daylight and low-light conditions.

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