Baby Pillow Head Shaper

Rs. 549
Color: Lavender
  • Gentle Head Support: Our memory foam baby head shaper pillow provides gentle support for your baby's delicate head, ensuring comfort during sleep.
  • Prevents Flat Head Syndrome: Specially designed to prevent flat head syndrome, offering optimal support for your baby's head shape development.
  • Hypoallergenic Neck Support: The hypoallergenic nature of the pillow ensures that your baby's sensitive skin is well taken care of, providing a safe and comfortable sleep environment.
  • Premium Memory Foam: The pillow is made with premium memory foam, offering superior support and conforming to the natural shape of your baby's head.
  • Super Soft Fabric: Crafted with a luxurious and super soft fabric, this pillow provides a cozy and comfortable surface for your baby's restful sleep.

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