Billebon is a lingerie online shop in India, crafting products for women and upholding the idea of INDIA for INDIA!

Billebon was incepted to change the dimensions and the age-old myths of the lingerie online shopping in India. Our journey began in 2017 with an attempt to present international quality sexy night wear pieces crafted with a splash of Indianness to it. We attempt to enable women celebrate themselves limitlessly with lingerie, as it is no longer just innerwear for women. Women wear lingerie more for themselves than anyone else, as it empowers them, makes them LOOK and more importantly FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

Our goal is to bring in beautiful lingerie pieces fitting and enhancing the Spirit of Womanhood. A lingerie online store in India that wishes to celebrate Femineity in every size, colour, including our LGBTQ members. Our lingerie pieces are crafted to celebrate love and pride for every feminine individual out there. Packed with comfort, and looks and elegance to die for, each piece is carefully curated to give you the best experience when in it. WE are of the opinion that WOMEN do not need SPECIAL DAYS to be celebrated and each day is a SPECIAL OCCASION.

The secret ingredients that goes into the crafting of our products are high-end fabrics, top-notch styles and pragmatic designs that lets YOU be YOU with all the SENSOUSNESS and NAUGHTINESS in it. Our designers ensure that COMFORT and DURABLITY is nowhere compromised while achieving that SEXY outcome. The main ingredient that steals the show is our BUDGET-FRIENDLY price range at which we offer sexy lingerie in India.

As more and more members started becoming a part of our journey, with every Billebon wearer’s feedback we strengthened and sharpened our chisels to deliver YOU the BEST. Our customer’s satisfactory reviews fuel us to accelerate our lingerie game and we strive day in day out to make a name for India in the local as well as international lingerie horizons.

Billebon also focusses on the comfortable travel experience for our clientele. We thus present you with an ultimate variety of neck support pillow for air travelThese pillows are engineered to give you your bed-like comfort while sleeping on a plane or anywhere else.

We believe that our only COMPETITOR is US, and we charge out every day to deliver BETTER than YESTERDAY! WE value your INVESTMENT and make sure you get the BEST each time and keep coming back to us.

Stay Sexy with Billebon!!