Hoodie Neck Pillow With Eye Mask

Rs. 399
Color: Grey
  • Great for traveling - Our neck pillows are great for hikers and travelers. The portable nature of our traveling neck pillows and or eye masks makes them easy to carry in different types of situations and environments.
  • Relieves stress – When you’re fast asleep on a bus or in a car, chances are, your head will be moving around which can cause a lot of pressure on your neck. Our neck pillow will keep your neck and head in a good position so that pressure can be mitigated.
  • Fastens well on your neck and eyes - when you’re traveling or on bumpy rides, having a neck pillow that can easily fasten to your neck means that it won’t fall off.
  • Comfortable and does not strain your eyes - Our neck pillow is crafted from the most comfortable materials available, ensuring you enjoy the comfort you deserve. We prioritize your relaxation and sleep quality. Our eye mask fabric is skin-friendly, free from allergens, and won't irritate your skin.
  • WARRANTY: This product comes with 30 years Warranty.

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