Diamond Car Seat Pillow

Rs. 499
Color: Black
Set Of:
  • Car Seat Pillow: Our adjustable car headrest pillow is expertly designed to support your neck's natural curve during car rides. It fits all car seats and can be easily adjusted or removed for maximum comfort on your journeys.
  • High-Quality Memory Foam: Our car seat headrest neck cushion pillow is crafted from high-density memory foam, ensuring exceptional comfort and a plush feel. It effortlessly regains its shape even when folded into various positions.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Our car headrest pillow is ergonomically designed to follow your neck's natural curve, providing comfort and optimal protection. It's easy to attach to car seats or office chairs, with adjustable installation height. You can customize the support position for your height, improving posture and reducing strain.
  • Neck and Head Support: Our memory foam car seat neck rest cushion bridges the gap between your headrest and backrest, offering excellent head and neck support. It promotes a comfortable driving posture and is perfect for long office chair hours. Adjust your backrest angle for added back support. Experience comfort and proper neck and head support on the go.

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