Semicylinder Car Seat Pillow

Rs. 499
Color: Black
Set of:
  • Designed for Comfort: Daily driving to your long-distance workplace can be difficult on your neck. Billebon car neck cushion provides optimum support to the neck, cervical spine, and head making your travel pain-free and comfortable.
  • Ergonomic Design: Moulds itself perfectly to the neck area. This memory foam car neck pillow is ergonomic, relieves your neck pain, and can provide good support for your cervical spine and head.
  • Correct Driving Posture: The ergonomic car neck pillow design encourages a correct driving posture while reducing strain on your neck and head.
  • Great for Long Trip: 100% pure memory foam construction and compact. Our headrest pillow is made of comfortable breathable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable Belt: Comes with adjustable elastic strap. To install, simply adjust and secure it to fit your car with the adjustable strap.
  • Removable Washable Cover: The zipper design allows the cover to be removed and washed for easy cleaning.
  • Relieves Pain: Installing the car neck support makes the journey easy and comfortable without causing any disturbances.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit all car types, this headrest cushion boasts an elastic strap that effortlessly adapts to any car seat, securing the headrest in place and preventing distractions.

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