Wear the right women innerwear under the right outfit!

The lingerie industry has come a long way, and today it is a billion-dollar business in India itself. Until World War 2, there were no formal women innerwear options, and a corset was the only thing nearest to innerwear for women. However, the corset had no purpose like the modern-day lingerie has, and it only made the wearer's waistline look thinner. On the other hand, the contractions due to these corsets were hazardous, and many women succumbed to them. After World War 2, many women entered the corporate scene, and they needed pragmatic undergarments that were purposeful and comfortable. This led to the introduction of bras and panties, which has become essential for women worldwide.

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Though the lingerie industry begins with a basic bra and panty, today, the market is filled with an eclectic range of styles and patterns. For example, if you talk about bras, there are numerous varieties pertaining to strap styles, bra bands, necklines, cup styles, and coverage. Similarly, when you scrutinize the panty section, there is a wide range of leg holes, coverage, and band style pattern to choose from. In simpler words, when you hop to any lingerie website to buy a bra and panty set online, it's not the fabric, size and colour you need to consider, but every pattern and outfit requirements before finalizing the ones.

Parameters to choose the right women innerwear

  • The accurate fit of a bra and panty is the most important feature to consider.
  • Fabric quality is a crucial part of every innerwear option for women, as it stays close to the delicate body parts.

Now that we know how to choose the right one, let's understand what suits under which outfits. This blog has curated the list of right women underwear and bra options according to the outfit.

Thongs and G-String Panties

Perfect for: Skin-fit jeans, pants, shorts, and bodycon dresses and skirts.

These women underwear options are the best for every figure-hugging outfit as it is the only way to stay away from visible panty lines.

Pro tip: Pick the one that offers a perfect fit rather than a tighter size, as tight panties can result in visible panty lines.

Seamless Panties

Perfect for: Skin-fit jeans, pants, shorts, and bodycon dresses and skirts.

If thongs or G-string panties do not pique your interest, seamless panties can get you sorted under tight-fitting outfits. They are more comfortable than the former and are like your everyday briefs minus the hard seam. As a result, they melt in your outfit and show no visible lines under figure-fit outfits.


Perfect for tight-fit outfits and A-line silhouettes.

What can a woman do when there is partying and feasting fused? Simple, step in shapewear for that seamless finish and an easy way to nip in the torso and the upper thighs to avoid those unwanted bumps in these regions.

Seamless Bra

Perfect for tight-fit tops, dresses and blouses.

In the bottom section, the visible panty lines are a concern, and in the upper section, the sister (bra) bothers us with the visible bra lines. There is an eyesore on your tight-fit dresses or tops in the form of an underwire or strapline that crops up. Thus, grab a seamless bra or a lacy one for that flawless look, and you pile up on some extra sassy lingerie.

Push-up Bras

Perfect for low neck outfits.

Many of us need extra support to fill the low necklines. Moreover, giving your boobies more push in a low-neck outfit does not harm anyone. Thus, push-up bras are your best bet when you need an enhanced cleavage in a low-neck dress or top.

Low-cut Bras

Best under low-cut tops and dresses.

Low-cut bras are your best pick for dresses and tops with a plunging V-neck. These bras offer you complete support and coverage and remain concealed in your low-cut dresses.


Convertible Straps

Perfect for halter dresses and tops and low-back outfits of every kind.

As the name indicates, convertible bras give you the power to play with their straps. You can conveniently adjust it according to your ensemble's neck or the back. We love wearing unconventional outfits, and it is vital in such outfits to make sure that the bra adjusts both with the front and back of these outfits. These convertible bras provide complete support without being visible from any part of the outfit.


Best under transparent tops and dresses.

A slip dress is essential under those gorgeous, trendy, sheer dresses ruling the fashion charts. Pick a satin slip under these semi-naked dresses, as they are more comfortable and do not bunch the dress in any way.


When you hop to shop bra and panty set online, consider your outfits and their requirements.