Know More about Your Underwear

While analyzing hot night dress for ladies, more emphasis is given on the bras than the panties. When it comes to women’s lingerie, a lot is spoken about the bras while our pretty little undies sit there neglected. Just like our busts, our butts too come in different sizes, but that’s not as difficult as in the case of busts. Where bras involve good looks plus comfort while choosing them, panties on the other hand involve only preference.

The designing and styling of underwear vastly depend on the type of outfit you are going to wear it beneath. The well- fitted and ill-fitted underwear can make or break your outfit, hence choose them wisely.


They have a T-shape string in the back, and like the bikini it sits three inch below the waist. Thongs are made in a wide range of fabrics ranging from cotton to lace, to make them fit for everyday use as thongs well apt for special occasions. Thongs are best paired with bodycon skirts and dresses as well as tight-fitting jeans and leggings as thongs avoid visible panty-lines.


According to its name, this set of panties sits on the hips and have low-cut leg holes. They are apt for low-rise jeans and pants, and come in fabrics such as lace, mesh, cotton and microfiber.


These are men’s brief designs especially for women. These come in more of a rectangular shape and solely made for the comfort quotient. As the emphasis is on comfort, the fabrics used are cotton, nylon and microfiber. They are the most suited when you are just easing out in your relaxation mood.


It resembles T-shape underwear, but comes with the most minimum coverage. Delicate fabrics such as lace and satin are used for its making. This type of panty is not that comfortable and can be employed when you desire a completely invisible panty-line under your outfit.


One of the most commonly used sets of female underwear is brief. It has only one checkbox and that’s comfort. They come in a range of fabrics such as nylon, microfiber and cotton and are good to go with pragmatically any type of clothing.

Tanga Brief

If you are searching for underwear between a bikini and a thong, Tanga Brief is your answer.


They are similar to the classic brief, but have high-cut leg holes. You can call it a fusion between a bikini and a brief, and come in a variety of fabrics ranging from microfiber to mesh.

hot night dress for ladies


These are one of the most loved and widely used women’s underwear types. They generally come in lace and cotton. The cotton one gives your butts that much-needed ease and can be paired with your everyday joggers and comfy tees. The lacy variant is as good for your daily outfits and sexy enough for your special nights.


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