What Women Actually Want?

When men are told to select anything, for example a hot night dress for ladies, most men would first pick pink even if their lady’s favorite colour is anything but pink. It is often said by the other gender that women are mysterious and no one can ever understand what women actually want. Let me make it easy for you men by decoding women, and my sisters out there sip in some coffee and enjoy because you are surely going to relate.

No ladies first PLEASE

We don’t want to be treated superior than the other gender, nor can we take it when someone treats us inferior on the basis of our gender. If we work 10 hours and you work for the same hours, we both deserve equal pay.

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Judging a woman to be physically weak only because she is a woman, disgusts us to a level beyond explanation. We don’t judge you because you cannot bear babies, do we? Listen, women are physically and mentally as strong as men if not more and we do not need to lift up those dumbbells to prove it to you.

capable enough

Bill please!

What on Earth makes some men think that we cannot afford our bills? We are educated and capable enough to shoulder our expenses and we do not need anyone else’s wallet to sponsor us. So the next time if it’s not your treat, DIVIDE the bill!

It’s OUR baby!!

When a man and a woman fall in love, they BOTH decide to marry and then they BOTH decide to have babies, then why is it only her responsibility to rear the child? Every time a child misbehaves, be it a family gathering or in a mall, everyone from the kin to the strangers will judge the mother for the kid’s misbehavior. I admit God has gifted women to rear a child, but a father’s responsibility is not inclusive only for the sperms and the money, it’s a dual responsibility where both the parents play an equal role.

Fake Feminists

No, please no, if you don’t know what feminism is, it’s absolutely fine but please don’t try to be a flag bearer of feminism only for impressing your crush. Also the men, who brag of giving equal opportunities to both the gender and feel extremely proud about it, let me tell you, you are no saint and you are not doing any favor for your female workforce. 

PMSing is no joke!

All those lame PMSing jokes you crack when a female colleague fires you or any other of your male counterparts, is not lighting up anyone’s day, in fact it proves what kind of insensitive person you are. And trust me, she is not PMSing but you are definitely an idiot to blame her periods for your professional stupidities.

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My bra, my business!

To all the men out there, have you ever checked out how elegant and good-looking our lingerie or in the common man's language hot night dress for ladies in India is? Let me educate you guys, we have beautiful bra straps available in every shade of every possible colour in every type of fabric. Confused? Let me try again, women have more varieties of lingerie than men have in their entire apparels. Not bragging, but that’s a fact! So, I have every right to show off my bra whether under a sheer dress or a tube top.

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