You better know your Best Friend!!

A lingerie online store in India is more browsed than a jewel store, have you ever thought why? Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but trust me; the everyday friend you love more, hate at times but cannot do without is a bra. Let’s get to know our little lacy friend in a brief detail today.

 Push-up bra

These bras lift your breasts upwards and cramp them together to give you that enhancing cleavage. They come with silicone or foam gel padding on the under-side of the cups and come in three variants- gentle, moderate and explosive depending upon the cleavage show they offer.

Padded bra

Every woman should own at least a pair of padded bras as they come very handy for your everyday use as they prevent nipple show under T-shirts and body-fitting outfits.

Convertible bra

This bra is generally referred to as a multi-purpose bra as it can be easily morphed to a variety of bras such as one-strap, strapless or cross-back and is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The main feature of a convertible bra is that the straps can be rearranged easily by hooking them in the different slots available at the front and the back.

Strapless bra

As the name says it all, this pair of bras come without straps and is a must when it comes to off-shoulders, spaghettis and other shoulder- baring outfits. A wired under-band holds the cups of the bra in place and it’s important to wear a perfect size because a loose one would slip off constantly and a tight one would be very uncomfortable.

 Balconette bra

This is a delicate piece of bra that gives you an almost horizontal cleavage. This bra variant remains invisible even for the widest of necks and gives your busts a gentle lift.

Lace bra

Lace bra

You got it right; this one is made from lace and is the sexiest variant of bras. You can use it as a daily wear or to spice up your special nights, and it serves the purpose every time. They come in a wide range of colours and designs.


The most peculiar feature of this one is that it can work well both as an innerwear and an outerwear. They come without pads and are unlined and unwired making it very comfortable for the wearer.

Sports bra

Sports bra

The name clearly suggests the purpose of these bras as they are apt to be worn during workouts. They are constructed in a way to prevent strong grip to the busts and prevent them from bouncing during exercising. They come in multiple options such as padded, unpadded and so on.

Plunge bra

Plunge bra

These bras are especially designed to flaunt your cleavage under low-neck outfits. With a deep cut at the centre, the bra remains notably invisible still providing your busts and cleavage a fuller appearance.


They are the latest in the market and a staple piece for the ladies who swear by their backless, halter-neck and sheer outfits. The cups and the wings of this bra come with a delicate adhesive which effortlessly sticks to your curves and gives you a no-bra look.

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