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lose weight

Can you actually sit back and lose weight?

Even before Covid-19 struck, a majority of us faced weight issues due to sitting jobs and no time for exercising. While during the lockdown, many did get a chance to start exercising at home, many others were struck with their work from home jobs and binge-watch sessions, which hardly left them with any time to exercise. Moreover, the unnecessary munching all through the day made the matters worse.

But we have come with some steps that will help you keep your weight under check even while sitting during your work from home sessions. Do not believe me? Read on, you have some amazing facts ahead.

Whenever you aim at fitting in perfectly in your favorite women hot & sexy night dress or any other outfit of your choice, and you search the net for some hacks, the most prominent one is to increase your metabolism pace. The below given steps are just going to do that for you.

Sit straight

Sit straight

When you sit straight while working all through the day, you exert pressure on your back and core muscles. So, technically even if you are not crunching or planking, still your core is at work and you are strengthening your core muscles and burning calories as you exert pressure while maintaining a straight back. An additional benefit of sitting straight is you keep backaches at bay.

Desk exercises

Desk exercises

Work from home does not mean 7-8 hours of continuous work and even if it does, whenever you take a few minutes off, get into some crunches or planks whenever you get up. If not that, after every 1 hour of work take 5-10 minutes off and just walk around your house. You can also do some simple yoga exercises while at your desk.

What a water

What a water

You need not get up from your desk for this one. After every 40-45 minutes have a glass or a half glass of water. It keeps you full for a longer time and you can easily avoid that unnecessary munching that is adding in day in day out to your weight. Drinking more water means flushing out more toxins and waste from your body. Also, staying hydrated gives you radiant and glowing skin.

Chill baby

Working in a colder environment will benefit your weight loss journey. Many researches have concluded that, when you are in a chillier atmosphere, the repository of brown fat in the body activates, which leads to augmented metabolism and burns the fat stored in and around the belly area. You burn fats as your energy expenditure is increased, for maintaining your body temperature.

So, no matter why you want to lose weight whether for sizzling in a sexy dress for women honeymoon or just for staying fit, these simple hacks will definitely help you.