Black Tie for Men and other February Must-Haves!

Billebon primarily started as a lingerie brand, but our thorough support for gender equality preceded us in the paths of formal accessories for men. Our funky colour as well as the basic blue, red, and black tie for men. Our formal accessories collection is not limited to ties alone, and includes stunning bows and pocket squares. With dealing in accessories for men, we also make sure to revolve around topics that pique men. Our latest blog that might interest most of our married male circles on ways to make your wife dress sexy without directly telling her.

In this blog, we have accumulated a list of essentials to make February better for all our male readers. Why should girls have all the fun? Grab a pen and a book, and start making notes for a fabulous February.

Organic Skincare and Haircare

Winters affect your skin, robbing it of its natural oils and making the skin drier. Women take extra care of their skin and hair during winters, but we cannot speak the same for a majority of men. In the first place, let's stop stereotyping skincare only for women, as men too have delicate skin, and have every right to nourished, radiant and youthful skin. Moreover, mid or end of the February month can be termed as a transition period as winters start disappearing and nature begins its preparations for the scorching summers. Thus, your skin and hair deserve special care in this period. Go for organic skincare and haircare products. You can also try some DIY tips every now and then to hydrate your skin deeply.

Alongwith skin care indoors, there is one more tip that every man needs to follow to protect their skin outdoors. Let’s stop stereotyping this one as well, and like women, dear men, please start wearing sunscreen every time before you step in the sun.

Travel Pillow

February or not, a car neck rest pillow is an essential if you love or have to travel owing to your work. Irrespective of the mode of travel, every long trip necessitates the use of a travel pillow. In simpler words, a travel or a car neck rest pillow ensures that you sleep, rest, or nap comfortably while travelling. The long arms of the travel pillow support your head without stressing your neck, back, or shoulders.

However, while buying a car neck rest pillow, consider the length of the pillow arms, the amount of foam filled, and the quality of the foam and the outer fabric of the pillow for utmost comfort.

Cotton Socks

This one is especially for the ones residing in the colder parts of the country. As the month of November arrives, the northern states of India experience a wardrobe change, and lighter fabrics make way for woolens. February is a month of transition, and though summers have not started in full swing, the weather becomes warmer, and woolen socks will become uncomfortable. So, it is the time to switch the wardrobe again, and replace the woolen with cotton socks.

N-95 Masks

The omicron spread is sprawling worldwide, and India is also fighting the latest variant of the deadly coronavirus. Many reports suggest the cotton cloth masks have bigger pores and cannot shield the wearer from the micro-sized virus. Thus, if you are a cotton mask fan, replace it with the N-95 ones as they provide better protection.

Floral Shirts

I have mentioned it more than twice in this blog, and pardon me for repeating it once again, but February is the month of transition. Like the weather is changing, your wardrobe too needs to change. Thus, replace your puffy jackets and sweaters with light, breezy floral shirts and welcome the beginning of summers.


A trend that has been dictating the women’s wear as well as the men’s wear alike, is the tie-dye trend. If you are a fan of making fashion statements with funky outfits you can opt for a tie-die monochrome jogger and hoodie set. If you are more of a subtle fashion icon, you can either go for a tie-dye jogger and a white T-shirt or a tie-dye hoodie or a T-shirt.


Black Tie for Men and Other Formal Accessories

There is no special month or a perfect day for a black tie for men or any other formal accessories. I have often heard men complaining about the limited option range they have as compared to women. However, one department that men have as good options as women do is men's accessories which includes ties, bows, pocket squares, watches, wallets and others.

However, there are few tips you need to understand if you are a beginner at shopping ties, bows or pocket square online in India. Ther are numerous brands cropping online every day. So, before investing in any formal accessories from a new brand conduct a thorough analysis on the quality of the products sold there. Secondly, as a beginner, try with the basic red, black, blue, and white before moving to the funky shades.