Best Bets on Your Next Bra

Buying a sexy night dress for women has never been easier in today's times where a single click would add an item to a cart and with a few more instructions make it possible to wear them after it has been delivered right to your doorstep.
However, there is still a teenie-tiny problem when we make these purchases: the dresses that match our recent addition to our lingerie collection. While going bare and free is the best way to go for some women who buy honeymoon lingerie in India, finding the perfect bra that goes well with the dress is heaven as it provides support while letting women sport the fierce look that reflects their confidence in the skin they’re in.

Before you dive into your existing pair of bra to hop away into the world, there’s still an underrated factor to consider that makes all the difference – the perfect fit. Many have fallen victim to this silent antagonist as a contemporary style does not necessarily translate to the best experience. Let’s talk about sagging straps, cup sizes too big that fills a huge gap of air and worst, the visible brassiere that ruins the whole look.

This is where the correct bra comes into the picture when you do your lingerie online shopping in India. Let’s now take a peek at the different types of bras that can help you slay whatever dress that lies inside your closet.


The conventional and easily accessible strapless bra has been around for as long as any woman can remember but though it looks cute on everyone, it can be quite tricky as it tends to slip from time to time which can be a hassle to adjust all throughout the day. This is where a bustier comes to the rescue as it allows women with larger cup sizes to feel comfortable with the added support.

Low-back bras

If you're one of the many girls who love to flaunt their backs then this is the perfect tool for you as these bra straps allow your conventional bra to dip lower than it would usually hang. This is normally wrapped around one's torso to expose the flawless body curve that’s been hidden for too long.

Racerback Bras

If you want to show off your shoulders while giving yourself an extra lift then this is the type of bra to go. Not only does this keep your straps in check but it also provides great support while celebrating a full cleavage.

Plunge Bras

This is perfect for dresses with controversial necklines which runs deep from the neck which extends below the sternum. There's no reason to keep your fashion statements safe when a bra can let you look this good.

Stick-on bras

Though these kinds do not offer much support unlike other choices mentioned above, these are your best friends when it comes to slaying dresses with thin straps that show off more skin than usual.

Nipple Petals

If a nip-slip is your main concern then this got you covered and won't leave on any painful marks on your skin. What's even better is that it is sweat-resistant which means you don't have to worry about its coverage.

Now that we’ve laid out everything for you, which dress are you trying on next?