Ways to make your wife slip in sexy nighties!

In India, though men and women get married, there is still a lot of embarrassment when talking about physical intimacy or any other topic revolving around it is involved. This awkwardness is not limited to women alone, but men hesitate to openly discuss their fantasies with their wives. Not every couple faces this issue; many couples made the most out of the quarantine period, but several couples who had an arranged marriage and are rooted in the conservative society face this problem. In such couples, no matter how badly a man wants his wife to wear sexy nighties, or the wife wants to dress sensually for her husband, either both or one of the partners hesitate and fear judgement from the other, and never express their sexual desires.

The root cause of this shyness is the numerous taboos revolving around sex that are strongly embedded in most Indian societies. In this part of society, sex is looked at with a bad lens, and having sexual fantasies and speaking it loud and clear to your partner makes you seem like a desperate person with a bad character. Sex is just a means of carrying generations forward and is not considered the need of the body. This conception needs to change first; only then people will understand that having physical needs is as natural as thirst, hunger and pain.

Moving on from couples who have embarrassment issues to the couples where everything is fine, the men still do not have the right words to tell their partner to slip in sexy nighties. Men might lack the essential knowledge about sexy lingerie, but the word 'lingerie' is enough to turn them on. Moreover, imagining their partner in something sexy can work as if they are already dressed in it. That is the effect sexy lingerie has on men!

Dear women, the best way to treat your partner on a special night is by slipping in a sexy night dress!

Dear men, if you want your partner to dress sexily to bed but do not find the right way to convey this desire, we have your help. In this blog, let's see tricks to make your wife slip in a sexy night dress for women without actually telling her so.

Appreciate her

Many women stay away from sexy nighties, as they lose the confidence to carry them graciously. They start judging their bodies, which is a big problem not only for your fantasy to see her in a sexy night dress for women but also for her mental health. Thus, start showering her with words of appreciation when she least expects them. This will boost her confidence, and she will start realizing how beautiful her body is. Once the confidence is back, she will start slipping in sexy lingerie, not just for your visual treat, but celebrating her body.

Gift her sexy nighties

If you do not want to directly tell her your desire to see her in a sexy nightdress, you can gift her one. You do not tell her directly, but you still convey to her legitimately that you fancy her wearing hot nighties.

Exercise together

You compliment her, but your compliment is fruitless if she doesn't feel the same about herself. Thus, start working out together. There are several benefits of doing so. You get a good amount of time to spend with each other, and it keeps you physically fit. Working out works wonders both on a person's physique and mental health. As your wife starts working out, her confidence will boost, and she will start feeling sexy. Once she starts feeling sexy about herself, she will express it by often slipping in sexy nighties.

Trigger your flirty bones

Many couples throw flirting out of the window after marriage. Start flirting with her again, touch her, send naughty texts, get her flowers, and everything else that comes in your definition of flirting. Remember when you first touched her, and she used to get goosebumps, bring those days back. Make your wife feel loved and cherished, and see how she makes every effort to compliment your love.


When a woman loses confidence in her body, her partner has a good role to play in it. She might feel that you are not proud to have her if you do not flaunt your love for her in public. I do not mean getting all mushy in public and making others feel awkward around you by the PDA. Taking her out on dates, holding her hand while strolling outdoors, posting your couple pictures on social media handles even when it's not your anniversary or her birthday shows her how proud you are to have her. This makes her confident of her body as you love her in her skin, and you will not need to do anything else, and your wife will start wearing a sexy night dress for women to flaunt her curves before you.