Bridal lingerie and other must-haves in a bridal trousseau!

Wedding season is here, and everyone from Rajkumar Rao to Vicky Kaushal is getting hitched this year. If you, too, are one of those lucky couples taking their wows this season, Billebon wishes you years of happiness and love. We have a gift for you – sexy bridal lingerie at affordable prices, and to make your wedding shopping more memorable, there are awesome discounts live on our website.

At Billebon, we discuss topics that revolve around womanhood and being a lingerie brand; we help the to-be brides select the right lingerie for their special nights. Several parameters range from right fit to stunning fabric to confidence and comfort in carrying these bold pieces that must be considered before zeroing on the one.

In this blog, we are not just highlighting the sexy lingerie that needs to be on your shopping list, but several other essentials that are crucial for every bride's wedding wardrobe.

Bridal lingerie

It's only fair to start with an item that is the most important to us. Bridal lingerie does not need a mention as it is an obvious necessity, but there are certain tips that you should consider while shopping for lingerie for your wedding trousseau. In the first place, do not overpack these delicate pieces. Secondly, do not go over the board with sexy lingerie alone; pack an equal number of regular lingerie pieces as well.

Also, try getting your hands on a sexy nightie that can be restyled as an outerwear option. Several Bollywood and Hollywood divas have styled lingerie as stunning outerwear, so what is stopping you from doing so?

Ethnic Dresses

Every woman who wears Indian attires occasionally thanks designers for bringing the concept of ethnic dresses. I cannot tell you how amazing they look and how comfortable it is to carry them. Ethnic dresses look amazing, and there is no question there, but carrying them is difficult if you wear them occasionally. You, being the bride, will be wearing the heaviest lehenga, salwar suits, gowns and saris throughout your wedding functions, including the pre and post-wedding rituals as well.

Thus, ethnic dresses will serve as a comfortable alternative where you can skip the overly heavy ethnic attires and settle for something light-weight yet desi. They come in a range of fabrics such as cotton, satin, silk, and tons of colour palettes ranging from wedding colours to pastels.

Basic Makeup Essentials

Another must-have that every bride is aware of, but I have some money-saving tips that no one told me when I was getting married. Do not overstock makeup, no matter how high-end the brand is. Bullet lipsticks dry out in a year if not used regularly. So, do not buy 50 new shades just for your wedding makeup kit. Go for the shades you are confident to wear regularly, and then over time, update your collection. Gel eyeliners and mascaras are too dry in a year, so buying 1-2 for your wedding makeup kit is enough.

Alternate footwear and jewelry

Buy at least one pair of footwear that is elite and comfortable if your wedding footwear bothers you on D-Day. The sandals you bought for your wedding attire might pain your heels or legs after some time, and bearing with them for the entire wedding might seem impossible. Thus, a good-looking alternate pair of flats will save your day.

Similarly, all the ethnic dresses for your main wedding functions will be accompanied by heavy bridal jewelry. Here too, in a mishap, if anything goes wrong with your earrings, or maang tikka, or the neckpiece, you need to have an alternate ready.

Tops for women

You will not be the sanskari bahu all the while, so do not excessively stuff your trousseau with ethnic wear alone. Buy dresses, skirts, pairs of jeans, and western tops for women for your after-wedding dates, travels, and other things where you will be dressing comfortably.

Statement Pieces

Silver and oxidized jewelry are the trendiest things in the ethnic jewelry market currently. Still, it does not imply that you spend your entire budget for imitation on just these. Make sure to invest in several statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that will make you stand out in the crowd even in your minimalist best. Moreover, these statement pieces allow you to wear less heavy ethnic dresses yet make you the show-stealer of the event.

Skincare and Haircare

Do not skip buying separate skincare and haircare products to help you manage your skin and hair while all the crazy wedding stuff is happening. Also, if there are any products in your daily skincare or haircare routine that smell bad or are flowy, make sure to replace them with an alternative that smells and feels better. You might not have been sharing your bed before, and no one ever told you how nasty that thing smells or feels, but now the scenario will change. You don’t want to torture your husband with that smelly thing.

There are several other things as well that are an important part of a bridal trousseau – sanitary products, comfy bridal lingerie, and others.

Have a happy wedding and a happier married life!