BRIDES, We Got You!!

Shopping is FUN, until it's for your bridal trousseau. It's not that bridal shopping is not fun and all, but it carries a lot of thoughtfulness as you are shopping for your pre and post wedding stuff, and that is a crucial part when it comes to marriages. Which women sexy night dress in India should you opt for your first night and which ones for your honeymoon, and tons of such questions that every to-be bride has while shopping. Well, you are the best person to decide on that, but here are some basic yet vital things that you definitely need not forget during your bridal shopping.

bunch of safety pins


A bunch of safety pins

In India, marriages involve loads of pre and post functions, where the to-be bride needs to dress up in ethics. The hooks in your blouses, lehengas and ethnic skirts can at times betray you. So, it's always advisable to carry a bunch of safety pins as you never know when it can come to your rescue.

Makeup minis


Makeup minis

You need not carry a miniature version of all the makeup products you have in your kitty, but the basic lipstick shades, nail polish remover, lip gloss and makeup wipes are essentials you cannot forget. If your pre or post wedding functions are at distinct venues, you probably will get completely ready and then sizzle the function. However, you never know what you will eat or drink that may affect your lip colour. So, always carry a mini one to save your day. The same logic applies for the other items as well.

Ethnic flats

Obviously, you will buy pairs of ethnic flats, but do not forget to carry at least one of them to your venues. The constant standing and dancing in high heels might give you cramps in your legs. It's better to be prepared for a bad day rather than repenting later.

 Sanitary napkins

Carry them to your function venues as well. Even if your chums are on a further date, the constant stress and lesser rest to your body can result in untimely periods.

Earring hoops


Earring hoops

When it comes to Indian weddings, there is tons of ethnic jewelry shopping in store. Brides usually shop ethnic ornaments more than what they need, but many times forget a crucial jewelry staple- earring hoops. Imagine you are in between of a wedding function and one of the earrings comes out and the hoop falls somewhere. It won’t be an ideal scenario, where a bride is relentlessly looking for something on the floor in the middle of her own wedding nuptials’. Save yourself from such embarrassment and have your backups sorted.


Undoubtedly, a bridal cart will be incomplete without beautiful pieces of lingerie. but while shopping lingerie from a newly-wedded woman’s point of view, consider a basic bra and panty equally important as the sexy ones. Tiger print bra and panty in India, is one of the must-haves when it comes to sexy night wear.

Most importantly, ENJOY your bridal shopping as it is a once in a lifetime experience, make most of it.

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