With the unlock nationwide process starting, there has been an influx in disposal masks online in India and offline as well. We are still amidst the pandemic and the uplifting of the lockdown is only to save the crashing economy and not because we have got rid of Covid-19. As we have already embraced the new normal, it’s time to sharpen our chisel as we go outdoors and combat corona on every step of our journey.

Mask it

A lot has been said and understood about the importance of wearing a proper mask which shields your nose and mouth when you are outdoors. There are a plethora of masks available in the market depending upon its fabrics and the number of layers. However, all these masks sufficiently do the task of protecting your nose and mouth. Though some masks are more hyped over others, buy n95 mask online in India if your budget permits, or a basic cloth mask can also come to your rescue if you are stepping out for a short span. The most crucial aspect is that when you step out, your mouth and nose should be covered.

Cleaner hands, cleaner surfaces

Cleaner hands, cleaner surfaces

Just sanitizing your hands will not suffice once you step out of your house. Sanitizing the surfaces, you touch when outdoors is also a prime requisite. There are sanitizing sprays available that make it easier to spray on things and surfaces such as doors, handles and so on. When out, you need to be extra cautious about everything your bare hands touch.

Immunity boosters

There are various multivitamin tablets that have proven to strengthen your immunity. Consult your doctor and start consuming them if you have not started them already. Also, there are many homemade recipes that work as magical potions such as turmeric and honey, cardamom, black pepper, tulsi and water, that show wonders on your immunity. Until we find the vaccine, our immunity is the only fighter we have.

Hot water

Whenever you drink water, heat it for 10-20 seconds before drinking as it keeps your throat clean by killing all the viruses in there, if any. It also evades any chances of you getting cough or cold which are the prime symptoms of covid-19.


Many suggest and prefer wearing gloves when extensively travelling or working in their offices during the pandemic. However, if you are not properly aware about the cautions required to be considered while using the gloves, it can do more harm than good. Buy disposal transparent plastic gloves in India only if you are properly aware about the ways to safely take it off and dispose after use.

Together, we have stood bravely against this unseen enemy and with proper precautions we will definitely come out of this very soon. Until then, take care of yourself and your near ones by properly following the safety health guidelines issued by the Government.

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