Lingerie and Its Never ending Hype!!

Have you ever questioned yourself while picking up your favorite lingerie piece from the store or before buying that perfect black nighty for honeymoon, whether it is worth the hype around it or not? In an increasingly occupied schedule lingerie shopping can take a backseat for many. Lingerie is not only about the sex appeal it has and the way it augments the oomph for your special nights, it has MORE to it.

Women constantly under the pressure of their responsibilities forget themselves and ignore celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood. Lingerie is an expression for women and a way of celebrating their spirit. While outerwear apparels are visible to all, lingerie is an expression a woman expresses herself with only to her own self or to her lover. Let’s sip some tea and dig in to find out more meaning to these beautiful pieces of lace and satin.

Something you do for you

Lingerie is wholly reserved only for you and the love of your life. It's always empowering to feel seductive and irresistible, and also boosts the wearer’s confidence. A lingerie does not only make you look good but feel good too. Remember that feeling you experience when you try on a new set of lingerie and look in the mirror, that smile, that feeling, you are worth it My Lady.

An always IN thing

Sexy pieces of lingerie were, is and will always be IN fashion. Over the years the engineering style of lingerie has drastically changed and more new patterns and types have been launched in this span. Undoubtedly, in the coming years as well with the vintage collection, novice patterns will be introduced but the older patterns will never get obsolete. So if you preserve your expensive lingerie pieces prudently by taking proper washing, drying and storing care, your lingerie set will last you for years.

black nighty for honeymoon

Mood bust

If you are in a bad mood or had an argument with a loved one or just a general bad day at work, what better reason you need to treat yourself with a beautiful lingerie piece. As lingerie is solely for you, lingerie shopping is a literal treat from you only for yourself.

Makes an Outfit

A well-fitted prudent set of lingerie can either make or break your outfit. So, whenever you invest in an elite expensive dress, it's an unsaid responsibility to invest in an equally suited piece of lingerie to go with that outfit.

 Each Night, Special Night

One of the main reasons a lingerie is so looked for is to increase the sensuousness of the woman dawning it. With a sexy lingerie set, you can stand out each night and make it special every night both for you and your partner. The sexiest pieces of lingerie can help you discover some spicy bed secrets which you and your partner never knew before.

It's not just an UNDERWEAR anymore

It's not just an UNDERWEAR anymore

Gone are the days when lingerie was just a piece of innerwear, with the modern trends you can easily style your lacy bra and flaunt it under a sheer dress or top. If it’s a satin one, you can easily wear it as a blouse and own the contemporary saree look. There are tons of styling tips to rock your lingerie as outerwear.

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