Beauty Starts With YOU, My Lady!

‘’You need a thinner waistline to look good in that sexy night wear or ladies night dress transparent’’, ‘’Red won’t suit you, wear something light’’, ‘’Grab those heels they will save your day’’, ‘’One more burger? You are kidding me, right?’’, ‘’that push-up bra might help you to look good in that dress’’ these are some of the common things you definitely might have heard here or there.  

Break the Prison

Break the Prison

The people who fit well in these stereotypes have nothing to lose, but the ones who don’t, know how it feels to be the odd one in the herd. If a woman is a little more than the society’s acceptable size, she will be called names and everyone from her immediate family to a complete stranger she just met would advise her to shed some kilos. Society’s stereotyping doesn’t stop here, if you are thin or have smaller boob size than the accepted one, people will suggest you host of remedies ranging from household recipes to tons of allopathic measures to get ‘The correct’ bust size. The society is so adamant about its size chart, that they will not let you live in peace until you either give it to their demands or get immune to all the taunts and harsh words coming your way.

Stereotypes pertaining to skin tone especially in women have been prevailing from centuries. If you have a darker skin tone, you are forced to believe that nothing will be right in your life till you lighten your skin colour. In a country like India where the majority of the masses come in different tones of brown, still people obsess over fairness creams to get the lightest skin tone possible. 

However, in this decade some noteworthy moments started a revolution called Body Positivity. Celebrities came forward and bashed out fairness cream companies, and many Indian Bollywood leading stars such as Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu, Abhay Deol, Sushant Singh Rajput, Swara Bhaskar to name a few even rejected endorsing skin lightening products which offered them handsome remuneration. Not only the celebrities but also the common populace shunned the age-old beauty concepts and abandoned using brands glorifying skin lightening. 

The change was not only limited to colour but also extended to every human attribute that made an individual beautiful or ugly. Everything from basic garments to transparent night dress for women  saw upgraded size charts clumping every size from XXS to XXL. Where initially transparent sexy night dress were only designed keeping the thinner sections of society in vision, now every size is given importance at par.  Many makeup brands both high-end and basic introduced a host of foundation shades, and the cosmetic industry concentrated on enhancing the facial features of the women rather than lightning their skin tones.  

What Actually Matters- YOU

What Actually Matters- YOU!!

It’s not about the outer appearance of an individual but what is within is the most important. No matter how many self-love speeches you listen to or how many body positivity quotes you read, CONFIDENCE is the first key to unlock every stereotypical obstacle that comes your way. Until you are not confident about the colour you are wearing or the outfit you are in, no number of compliments will boost you up. Similarly, if you are confident in your skin and your body type no number of negative comments will ever bring your spirit down.

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