Sexy nightdress and other tips to better your bedroom life!

As time passes, many marriages lose their spark. In some cases, men get too occupied with their responsibilities, and their partner feels isolated, and in some other cases, women get carried away in other priorities ignoring their partner. The majority of these couples do not realize the importance of physical intimacy in shaping a relationship. Many studies suggest, more the physical intimacy between a couple, the better their bond is when they get old. There are many simple ways, such as slipping in a sexy nightdress to surprise dates, that can help you bring back the romance in your relationship.

In India, many couples feel that sex is only essential for taking generations further, and there is no other need associated with it. However, this is the biggest misconception ever, and like the body feels thirsty, hungry, sleepy, the urges of sex are equally natural. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about sex, and it is high time we accept it. In this blog, we have listed some simple tips to help you spice up your bedroom life.

Slip in a sexy nightdress

Many women live with the misbelief, sexy nighties are meant only for newlyweds. Thus, many women switch to boring nightwear options that do not help their boring sex life. There are tons of advantages to wearing sexy lingerie. Wearing these lacy beauties seduces him and makes the wearer feel sexy, and it turns on both the wearer and the on-looker. Moreover, the contemporary hot nighties are sensual and comfortable, so the wearer need not worry about sleeping comfortably in a hot nightwear option.

No room for more than two

You two need to be alone in your room if you and your husband need to spend quality time with each other. Moreover, you can dress in a sexy night dress for a woman if no other audience is your partner. Thus, as your children grow to a specific age, make sure they sleep in a different room. The rule applies to your pets as well. If you reside in a small apartment and have no separate room for your kids, you can at least have your beds placed a little away from them. Physical intimacy is not only about sex, but the soft kisses, holding hands, and cuddles. It’s fine if you do not have intercourse every day, but touching each other lovingly is crucial to let your partner know how much you love them.


With passing years of marriage, couples start underestimating the power of seduction. Flaunt your curves in a sexy nightdress, let him see and feel you before the action begins. Do not just jump to intercourse; enjoy foreplay and the touching game before the final play to double the fun.

Flirting and Texting

No, flirting is not reserved for couples before marriage. Yes, you cannot flirt with others after marriage, but you have to flirt with your partner now and then to keep the spark on. Message him something dirty when he least expects, touch him knowingly when you pass beside him, hang your lingerie near his clothes, bring the butterflies in his stomach back. It might not work immediately, but after a few attempts, it will surely stir him.

Words of Appreciation

This one applies to both partners. One major reason they are not comfortable shedding their clothes off before the other partner is that maybe they have lost their self-confidence and are struggling with body image issues. In most cases, men often body shame their wives, and at their expense, pass fat-shaming jokes without assessing how badly that affects their wife. She loses confidence and stops feeling beautiful about herself. She also starts feeling that you have lost interest in her and starts creating physical distance from you. Thus, it's an equal responsibility of both partners to shower each other with words of love and true appreciation.

Couple Getaways

This trend is followed in the west, and now many younger couples in India too are taking the cues. In the contemporary days, both the partners work, shoulder household responsibilities, manage kids and other priorities, leaving behind hardly any time for themselves. Thus, couple getaways give you quality time with each other to enhance your physical intimacy and a much-needed break from your stressful life.

External Help

As a man and a woman grow, the augmenting age brings in many complications in their lives. In many cases, women lose interest in sex after having children, or men suffer from issues that do not trigger their sexual urges. In this case, no matter whether the room is decked up most romantically or the woman wears the boldest sexy nighties, it will not work. You can either try a natural way to increase sex drive or see a sexologist for further help.