Foods To Benefit Your Sex Life!!

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A primary reason why a woman wears sexy night wear is to stir up the sexual urges of her partner. However, some individuals lack this urge owing to some natural factors. We bring to you a list of food items that will help you in augmenting your and your partner’s sex drive.

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Food items to increase your sex drive

Many sexologists suggest that all types of healthy foods are good for sex, but particular ones such as watermelons, almonds and few others are particularly beneficial to accelerate your libido.

Another important fact is, alcohol is bad for sexual life. It though increases the sexual urge, but hampers the performance. So, stay away from alcohol if you wish to improve your sexual life.


They improve the male fertility by enhancing sperm quality. It improves the movement, vitality and shape of the sperm.

Foods To Benefit Your Sex Life

Strawberries and Raspberries

These fruits are loaded with zinc, which is beneficial for both men and women. In women, a high level of zinc makes their bodies easier to get ready for sex. On the other hand, zinc controls the testosterone levels in men, which produces sperms in them. Also, a male body loses zinc during intercourse, so it is vital for them to load up their bodies with zinc.


They are loaded with vitamin B6 and Folic Acid. Vitamin B6 stabilizes hormones and Folic acid fills the body with energy. So, next time if you are buying yourself or planning to give her a short night dress for women, also consider bringing some avocados on your way back.




With being a treat to your taste bud, watermelons also better your erection and raise your libido.



Almonds are a powerhouse of Arginine which plays a major role in improving your blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels. Almonds also contain a particular type of Amino acid that helps you in maintaining erection.


Probably one of the most loved items in the world is Chocolate. Dark chocolates discharge serotonin and endorphins that help to improve your mood.




For a healthy erection, consume eggs on a regular basis. Consumption of eggs can improve erectile dysfunction, as it contains L-Arginine and Amino acids.


Peaches play a vital role in reducing infertility in men. It consists of Vitamin C that contributes in improving the sperm count and the sperm quality.




We all know that a beverage like coffee is usually consumed as it stimulates your brain. It fosters your sex drives and higher your level of arousal.

In conclusion, these are the natural ways to increase your sexual desires. However, if you have a severe issue, you need to see a sexologist.

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