A Dash of Romance!!

Few blogs like LACE IT, SPICE IT back, I discussed some simple tips to add a pinch of romance to your monotonous love lives.

Today, let's dive deeper into the ocean of love!

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There is no denying that our hectic schedules and various other commitments, slowly steal the love from our love life. The couples get so used to each other that they start taking their relationship for granted, and love starts fading. Don’t we all miss the butterflies we had in the initial days of our marriage or relationship? If yes, then read on to find some simple tips to sprinkle romance in your relationship.

No Room for Stress

A major reason why the love life of many couples is hampered is stress. When you let your external problems rule your heart and mind, not just one but many of your relationships will suffer. We know life is complicated, but to revive romance, I suggest you keep these complications outside of your bedroom.

Messy Skin and Hair Routines

Both men and women follow various night time skincare and haircare routines. It's nowhere wrong to follow them, but if your routine involves messy or smelly products, it might be a reason for your partner maintaining distance from you. I understand taking care of your body is vital and so is your physical intimacy. Either find an alternate for these messy routines or shift them to Sunday mornings.

Talk Your Heart Out

As years pass, we stop feeling the need to communicate our feelings the way we used to. We start presuming that our partner automatically will understand what we are going through, and that is where we go wrong. Presumptions give rise to miscommunications or lower communications, which ramifies your relationship. It will not suffice that you buy night dresses online in India or sexy lingerie, and it automatically will work. If your eyes and hearts are not intimate, physical intimacy will never follow there.

Dinner Dates

No, I am not telling you to go out dining in a restaurant every other day, it's expensive and unhealthy. Skip normal dinner tables, and arrange a meal with some candles on your terrace or even in your dining room with some fairy lights or soft music or anything that changes the dinner setting from usual.

Concentrate When He/She Talks

Attention is always sexy, knowing that someone is paying heed to whatever you say and do, is an instant turn on. Pay attention to whenever they talk, this will force them to do the same with you. This has to be your first step in adding that much needed punch of love in your relationship.

In the nutshell, if you wish to morph your relationship as it was when it started, try doing things and taking efforts the way you did then.

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