Why is it that a lingerie online shop in India is excitedly browsed only in  the initial days of marriage by both men and women? The hectic work-life and the monotonous after work-life have taken away the charm out of many husband-wives, girlfriend-boyfriend relationships. Unlike the celebrity couples everyone is not fortunate enough to take a beach vacation or a romantic get-away every other week. Here are some tried and tested tips that will do the work for you and bring back the tint in your everyday night-routine.

Naughty Texts

We have forgotten the magic a simple text from your partner can bring on a boring day! Now that you only text him grocery lists, text him something DIRTY for a change and fire up his imaginations. Let him know that you are thinking about him- his touch, his smell and the way he makes love to you. You don’t need to do this every day as it might get boring then, rather twice a month maybe a day after a fight or a tiresome week day.

Candle light Nights

Anything done in the same way, night after night gets boring, except for sleep of course. Pun intended! Candles cannot just light up your boring dinners but your boring nights as well. There are a plethora of beautiful candles in various shapes, sizes, colours and fragrances available in the market to give your room a romantic makeover.

Play with HIM, Literally!

No bets, he will bring in his best moves to the show when his every good tact would make you strip one clothing item at a time. Move the board games from your living room to your bedroom and see how wild he gets with the end of each round to rip you of your clothes.

Romance in the air

If it’s a weekday it might not suit everyone to cuddle with their partners and watch a romantic film. But to fill your bedroom with romance you do not need someone else’s love story. You can make a folder of your own photos and videos from your marriage dances to your anniversary celebration, your travel selfies and bring all your special moments in one cart. Take a trip with him down the memory lane and you will be awestruck how simply it started and how erotically it ended!

Repeat After Me- LINGERIE

The best night dress for women is whatever she feels comfortable to relax in but does not at all mean that it has to be boring. Those sexy pieces of lace and satin revealing everything in a way to make you more desirable to your man is the main trigger my girl. The sexy lacy lingerie that will give him hints of your assets will surely drive him crazy to explore every inch of you. Also lingerie does not necessarily have to be expensive and uncomfortable to be sexy and irresistible.

Billebon- a lingerie online store in India understands the need of every body type and made its primary aim to cater the needs of every woman out there in terms of colour variants, elite designs, perfect fits and multiple size options. So ladies go shop now and my male readers do I need to say it again go buy the best night dress for your wife now!