Wild moves in the wildest lace lingerie!

Lingerie is a woman’s best friend, and sexy lingerie is a man’s if you know what I mean. Decades back, there was an era when lace lingerie and its other sexy counterparts were meant only for one sole reason – make a woman look like eye-candy to her partner. The fabric quality of the lingerie was given minimal to no importance as its only aim was to make the wearer look sensual, and how it felt on her skin was out of the question. However, the time has changed, and the lingerie industry too has drastically evolved. The contemporary sexy nighties equally focus on making the wearer look sensual and feel comfortable.

Sexy bra panties and hot nightwear have a fantastic bond with a woman; the former is never enough for the latter. Sexy lingerie plays different roles in a woman's life daily. Makes her feel confident when she is running low on self-esteem, helps her express her love for her body by slipping into these sassy pieces, and adds a pinch of sassiness to her and her partner's monotonous nights. Thus, there is no denial of the cruciality of sexy lingerie in a woman's life. Like our lingerie, Billebon is every woman's best buddy, as we focus on topics essential to femininity. We have at length discussed disorders exclusively limited to women, such as PCOS, ways to maintain vaginal hygiene, menstrual and sexual hygiene, ways to augment the breast size, and a vast range of other such topics.

In this blog, we focus on one of the most critical and everyday uses of sexy lingerie – the role of rising sensual temperature between a couple. Triggering sexual urges and enhancing the physical intimacy between a couple was the prime reason why sexy nightwear was invented. When you are dressed in sexy lingerie, especially to treat your partner with your sassy curves, there are some moves you should give a shot to.

What makes Lace Lingerie Sexy?

Before jumping to the moves that should be tried when dressed in hot nightwear, let's first understand which factors bring the sex appeal to lace lingerie or any other sexy nightwear option. The perfect fit of any nightie or nightwear makes it sensual as it hugs the wearer’s figure. Thus, before trying any of the sexy acts, make sure that the nightwear you are opting for fits you well and will make your moves look sexier.

The critical part being cleared, let's move to the moves that will make you the queen of his bed. There is a difference between sex and physical intimacy; the former reflects bodily intercourse, while the latter implies more to the physical and mental pleasure that one derives after lovemaking. Confidence in the positions you try and the chemistry between the couple play a measured part in feeling the ultimate level of pleasure. When a woman feels confident about her body, her body moves show that the level of intimacy between the couple is maximized. Thus, wearing sexy nighties boosts your confidence, and some of the moves listed below augment you and your partner's pleasure.

Role Play

If you have never tried roleplaying before, this is the time to do so. When you are dressed in sexy lingerie, pretend to be someone else – a hot huntress, a wild tigress, a seductive teacher, and experience the epitome level of pleasure with your partner. I am sure you guys will not settle in one round!

A Minor Level of BDSM

No, I am not telling you to try moves from Fifty Shades of Grey, though you can if you want to. If you are not ready for that level of wildness, you can still accentuate the level of arousal for you and your partner by being the dominating one on the bed. Handcuff them to the bed and takedown clothes one by one. Explore them, and as his hands are tied, you cannot imagine the level of arousal he is at. You can surely try this move to break the soft sex monotony in your relationship.

The Top Angle

Hop on top of your partner, and let them have a complete look at the sexy bra panty you are wearing. It deserves to be appreciated, giving the onlooker a fair chance to cherish what he sees. Also, women on the top can indulge in the best foreplay.

The Element of Surprise

Sex becomes boring when it is predictable. You cannot buy new sexy nightwear every week, but you can improvise what you already have. You can get a satin blindfold, or handcuffs, or whips to add that extra oomph to your lingerie. In case props are out of your budget, you can use the element of surprise to knock him off. Wear an overcoat, and drop it off before him wearing nothing underneath.

A Runway Show

The primary intention behind the inception of lingerie was to make sex fun. So, let it do it! Do not just wear sexy nighties, and let him rip you out of it in no time. Make him sit on the bed and put up a complete show for him. Dress in a bathrobe or a coat, and step by step, take it down and let him have a good look at your hotness in that lace lingerie.