Slip in a sexy night dress for women and other ways to feel sexier in your bedroom!

Several blogs and articles on the internet teach you how to look sexy to woo your partner, grab your crush's attention, steal the glam quotient at your office, or be a sexy siren at the next party you attend. However, has anyone ever asked what women want? Forget about others; have you ever asked yourself what you want when you buy an outfit, wear makeup or do anything with your grooming? Why do you buy a sexy night dress for women – to look hot in it or feel sexy about yourself?

At Billebon, we focus on everything a woman wants and the parameters that affect her everyday life. Our previous blogs have already discussed the importance of panty liners, menstrual hygiene, vaginal cleanliness, and an eclectic range of topics that affect womanhood. In this blog, we emphasize ways a woman can FEEL sexy rather than just looking so.

Flaunt Your Curves in Sexy Night Dress 

Do things for yourself first and then to impress others. Wear sexy nighties even when your partner is not around to celebrate your body, flaunt your curves, and feel confident and sexier. Wear bold lipstick whenever and wherever you feel like, and not when people around expect you do so. Overdress to buy groceries or dress in pajamas to a party if your heart desires so. Do you, the societal norms can wait.

Keep the DIVA in you awake.

You can sleep for as many hours as you want, but the diva within you should never be on a break. Do not sleep in loose, dull clothes that make you look like a homeless creep. When outdoors, dress perfectly, do the same before bed. I know our body craves comfort before hitting the bed, and the contemporary sexy nighties are crafted with comfy fabric to make a combination of sexy and comfortable. Wear these comfy beauties to bed!

Dim the lights.

Firstly, bright lights in the bedroom are helping no one. Many studies suggest that the brighter your bedroom lights, the more time you take to fall asleep. Secondly, everything romantic happens with dim lights, which is why candlelight dinners never lose their charm. Thus, if your room has bright lights, redo them, and get dimmer lights to make the vibe of your room altogether sexier. Just wearing a sexy nightdress will not suffice; team it up with the right ambiance to feel the inner diva in you.

Bid ado to unwanted hair.

There are several ways to get rid of unwanted hair, and you can choose any of the ways to do so. The point here is, hairless arms, legs, and vagina automatically make you feel hot about yourself. Imagine wearing a sexy nightie and having a bunch of unwanted hair peeping from here and there, eww, right?

Bid ado to stress as well.

You cannot feel sexy if you are tired, tensed, or stressed. Thus, keep the stress outside your bedroom if you want to feel hot inside. Take time off for yourself. In India, several women still underestimate the power of my time, do not do that. Invest some time in your hobbies, pamper yourself with some extra sleep on the weekends, and everything else. Relax; only then will you feel good about yourself.

Skip the monotone.

If you wear sexy nighties every night, one day you will be bored with them. In simpler words, doing the same thing every day, no matter how interesting it is, loses its charisma one day. Thus, break the monotony of life, and plan something new now and then. Let your heart pump; keep that adrenaline rush on.


Exercising not only makes your body fitter but recharges your mind as well. You start feeling good about yourself as you start working out irrespective of your weight or inch lost. If you do not feel comfortable in your skin, you will never feel sexy about yourself. Thus, exercise and start feeling good about your body, and sexiness will follow.

A world of fantasy.

Try sexy things with your partner that you always secretly wanted. It's fine if some of these fantasies do not include him; still, try them. Do sexy things to feel sexier.

Know yourself from the eyes of your partner.

Ask your partner what he likes about you, and no, this is not self-obsession. Knowing what turns him on about you helps you see yourself through his eyes and feel sexier.

Stop comparing.

Just because the models in the lingerie store posing in sexy nighties have perfect bodies does not mean you conceal yours under some dull, loose nightwear. Wear sexy, look in the mirror and see how sexy you look, and feel the ultimate level of sexy.