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Spice Up Your Bedroom Life With These Tips When Picking The Right Nightwear And Lingerie

So you’re planning on buying lingerie to spice up the night with your partner, but you’re not sure about what are some of the things that you need to consider. No worries, we’ve come up with this list of factors that you can weigh-in when buying the right lingerie just for you!

But first, we have to distinguish the difference between lingerie and nightwear since both of these apparel will have the same look but will ultimately have different functions. Nightwear usually comes in the form of nightgowns and nightdresses that are used to maximize your comfort in bed while lingerie is designed to be seductive.

So what should we be looking for when it comes to these two? Here are some tips:


Just like when you’re picking any other garment in the store, it’s paramount to determine the flexibility and the durability of your lingerie and nightwear. We’re quite certain that when you’re wearing lingerie, it’s used for vigorous ‘physical’ activities. You’ll need to be certain that the lingerie and nightwear that you’ll be buying will be able to last a long time. Flexibility means that you’ll have a wide degree of movement while you’re having fun with your partner.

Fabric Used

Although it’s quite rare, there are some individuals that will get itchy when they’re exposed to certain types of fabric. It is also important to note that certain fabrics have different unique characteristics and lifespans. Some fabric will look classier than others while having a certain shine and flexibility that’s attributed to it. It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing the right lingerie. 

Design And Occasion

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that design is a key factor when choosing the right lingerie for you. There are certain lingerie that will look more ‘seductive’ and sexier than others while being able 

Just like there are certain types of dresses for different occasions, there are also nightwear and lingerie that’s designed for different ‘occasions’. Are you planning on surprising your lover for Valentine’s day? Looking at giving your girlfriend a gift for Christmas? The right lingerie for the right occasion can definitely set the mood straight. 

Accurate Measurement

It’s paramount that you know the measurements of the lingerie that you’re about to purchase. In most cases, lingerie is designed to be fitting to maximize your figure. Lingerie that’s adjustable with laces is a good sign that it’s probably going to fit. 

Compared to lingerie, nightwear doesn’t have to be too fitting. Nightwear can also be used by pregnant women since it maximizes comfortability without being too restrictive. 


Now that you know the best features of good lingerie and nightie, you can start looking for one that will fit you or your lover’s preferences. Billebon offers international-class top-of-the-line lingerie and nightwear for a variety of different occasions. If you need quality products, we’re here to serve you!