3 Essential Parts Of A Medical Face Mask

3 Essential Parts Of A Medical Face Mask And Tips on How You Can Make One Yourself

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Here at Billebon, we value the health of our customers. We understand that everybody needs to stay at home until this global pandemic subsides. However, we are always aware that most people will need to go out to buy essential items for their homes. As such, we want to help spread awareness that keeping ourselves safe and focusing on our hygiene is one of the top ways of keeping ourselves safe from any harmful pathogens. We’ve come up with these tips on how to make your own DIY face mask.

So what are the major components of a facemask? What are some common practices with it? Here’s what we have found.

The 3 Essential Layers

Medical 3-ply face masks are able to filter out just about anything. The outer layer is made of hydrophobic material that can repel water and a wide variety of bodily fluids. The middle layer of the mask is designed to filter out bacteria and virulent matter. Finally, the last inner layer is designed to absorb water, sweat, and other fluids from the wearer while also keeping out fluids externally. 

When you’re going to be making your own face mask off of clothes, it’s important to know if that certain fabric will be able to:

  1. Keep bodily fluids and liquids from entering the first layer of your mask.
  2. Keep organic material and bacteria from getting into the second layer.
  3. Is able to absorb water, sweat, and other body fluids from you. 

Use Clean Cloth

For these three layers, it’s important to note which cloth you’re going to be using for a specific function. In most cases, virulent agents and bacteria are incredibly tiny which makes them hard to filter out. It’s recommended that you use fabric that’s well-woven and tighter than the openings of the fabric.

Make Sure Your Hands are Sanitized 

When you’re working on your face mask, it is important to wash your hands first before touching any material that you’re going to make your face mask with. Making a face mask with unsanitized hands is counter-intuitive and will only serve to contaminate your face mask. 

Stay At Home! 

If you’re trying to avoid getting infected from a certain type of infectious virus as of the moment, then the best course of action is to stay at home and avoid as much contact with anyone. Having a facemask might help mitigate your chances of contracting any sort of maladies, but it does guarantee that you’ll be safe from it.

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