My Hymen Broke Before I Got Married, Any Problem?

If we dive deep into the roots of our Indian culture, we can see how far-sighted and logically sound our ancestors were. A majority of rites and rituals that were followed during specific events such as death, birth or marriage and festivals that were celebrated in a particular way corresponding to the season in which they fell, are all evidence that show how scientifically aware our community then was.

However, as time passed these rites and rituals were morphed according to some people’s understanding, and the generations to come stood rigid with these rules blindly, without even questioning the logical reasoning behind it. Even today, a number of these wrongful presumptions serves as strict rules in many communities.

Let’s sit together and debunk as many as we can!

Lace lingerie for women

Lace lingerie for women

Will you be astonished if I tell you that most of these wrongful myths are associated with women exclusively? Where men can roam around in pride wearing only their underwear and pee shamelessly wherever they want, women’s undergarments cannot even be discussed. A large number of women even now, buy undergarments from stores with an embarrassing expression owing to the treatment their inners have got since childhood. In many places, women cannot even dry their panties and bras in the open under the sun because the men of the family will see it. Hypocrisy and patriarchy in our society is the primary reason why even in the 21st Century Indian women are still fighting for basic gender equality.

Reason Why Humanity Exists

The Reason Why Humanity Exists

The very reason why mankind’s existence is continued and families proceed further, generation after generation is because the women of the family bleed. If they did not get their periods, you will not have seen this planet ever! Thank your mother, your wife, in fact every woman around because she bleeds. We are living in a Digital Era, yet women feel the need to hide their pads and the shopkeepers selling them wrap it in layers of paper and black polyethene. Even the terrorists will not be concealing their weapons the way a shopkeeper wraps sanitary napkins.

The Reason Why Humanity Exists- Part Two

First periods, then sex, yes, the exact reasons why humanity still exists! And mind you we are the land of Kamasutra! Our ancestors had knowledge of tons of sex positions which specialized in orgasm for both the partners, certain positions that were especially for the woman to conceive and so on. Just to enlighten the generations to come with their knowledge, they sculptured caves after caves. And what are we doing with it, considering all the natural phenomena such as sex, menstruation and a woman’s basic need such as affordable lingerie sets in India, a taboo.

Sex Taboos Continued

Sex Taboos Continued

Rupturing of hymen can happen due to various reasons such as playing sports, cycling and many more. But in our society, most people connect ruptured hymen to not a virgin thing. First of all, hymen is already porous and a delicate thin lining, so its rupturing due to minor issues is no big deal. And most importantly, you need a wife for yourself or a ghee container, I mean what is this pure and impure. Why is virginity such a big deal?

How can talking about basic things such as sex, menstruation or even women’s lingerie or short night dress online corrupt anyone morally or in any way?

At Billebon, we strongly stand against such myths and believe that the Spirit of Womanhood deserves to be celebrated every day. We are a Made in India brand dealing in sexy lingerie and short night dress online India.