Debunking Some Lingerie Myths!!

After the positive response I got for the previous myths blog, I thought to dive deeper into this. In the last one we discussed the myths that society follows blindly.

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In this one, let's debunk some lingerie myths that a large number of women believe to be true.

Only ladies night dress cotton is a comfy sleepwear

Undoubtedly, cotton nightdresses are the most comfortable ones, but you cannot say they are the only one. Our designers at Billebon craft sexy satin and lacy lingerie pieces, emphasizing both on sensuous looks and comfort. Our lingerie feels like second skin and makes the wearer look and feel beautiful.

Sleeping with a bra

Sleeping with a bra on enhances the shape

Sleeping with a bra on has no advantage or disadvantage in such. If you are comfortable sleeping with a bra on, go ahead and if you are not, take it off before you go to bed. Many women believe that sleeping with a bra on helps to control breast sagging. However, this is inaccurate and sleeping with a bra on has no positives or negatives.

However, avoid sleeping with an underwire bra on, as it will result in discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Moreover, for maintaining the ideal shape of the busts, eat healthy and wear an accurate size bra regularly.

Wearing a bra leads to cancer

Wearing a bra leads to cancer

Many articles flooded the internet stating that wearing a bra, especially an underwired one results in cancer. However, there is no scientific proof supporting this statement and we can safely refer to it as a myth. Women not wearing a bra are at equal risk of breast cancer, as much as women wearing a bra are.

Let me remind you that with an abundant range of cute night suits online India, Billebon has recently launched a range of regular t-shirt bras, seamless bras and maternity bras.

breasts is caused due to wearing a bra

Sagging of breasts is caused due to wearing a bra

The primary reason to wear a bra is to avoid the sagging of breasts. Even after this, your breasts are dropping down, you probably are wearing a wrong size bra and consider one size plus or minus your present bra size.

Do not wash your bra often

Eww! Who is spreading and following such stupid myths? Apart from the hygiene part, your bra loses its elasticity due to dirt and sweat, if not washed after every second use.

Tight Bras are better

Tight Bras are better

NO, not at all! Many women believe that wearing a tighter bra will help them enhance their breast shape and this is a complete lie. Your bra has to be of the perfect size, not tight or loose, for getting the most out of it. Wearing a tight bra has no advantage, rather a list of disadvantages such as ruining your outfit’s look and resulting in chest, back and shoulder pain.

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