Is it Worth Getting Under a Knife??

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What is cosmetic surgery

What is cosmetic surgery?

Before we analyze the pros and cons of getting under a knife, it's crucial to know what exactly cosmetic surgery is. In my opinion, everyone is BEAUTIFUL, the way God created them. However, it is a basic human tendency to not be satisfied with what you have, and imitate others. The process of changing your body features with surgeries is called cosmetic surgery.

How did it start?

Edwin Smith Papyrus has plastic repair treatment mentioned for a broken nose. Thus, you can safely infer that plastic surgeries are an age-old concept dating back to around 3000 to 2500 BC.

The father of the modern-day Plastic surgery is Sir Harold Gillies, who developed numerous techniques for facial surgeries to help the soldiers suffering from facial injuries during the First World War.

Transforming from necessity to need

From the time of its inception till the modern-day facial surgeries happened, plastic surgeries were done in the much-needed cases where due to some human reasons the facial features got damaged.

However, from the past decade or two, cosmetic surgeries have gained much popularity to reconstruct facial features and other assets in accordance with the ongoing trends.

Few years back, an abnormal trend of thinner waistlines with large butts and boobs swayed around the globe. These bodies were considered the sexiest in hot night dress for ladies and every woman wanted to have such a figure.  Everybody from models, actresses, social media influencers embraced and endorsed this trend. The number of buttock upliftment and silicone breasts raised so much that this section of surgery became a widely used part in the Medical field.

Then followed another trend of plump lips. Again, many known faces underwent the knife to fix their lips and promoted it to a level where many commoners also started doing it.

India was nowhere behind in this trend and both celebrities and commoners equally participated in it. However, very few celebrities actually accepted the fact that they had a lip-job or a nose-job, while a good number of them blankly denied it, although there is a huge picture compilation available on the internet of these celebrities’ showing the now and before cosmetic surgery features.

Negatives of this trend

Negatives of this trend

This trend played a vital role in defining beauty again, and though the age-old concept of beauty was somewhere changed, yet this trend as well promoted beauty as a particular boob size, bust size and so on. The concept of getting under a knife only because your features do not go with the trend completely negates the concept of SELF LOVE.

There can be no boon like the advancement of cosmetic surgery for the acid attack survivors, people with burns, road accident sufferers who have facial misalignments and others who have to get the surgeries done.

But it is of course a negative, that women undergo filling up their assets or restructuring their facial features only for the sake of a trend. Anything that promotes something in particular as BEAUTIFUL or SEXY is toxic for the society as a whole.

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