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Do’s and Don’ts During Menstruation

Does not matter if you hit puberty a long back or a while ago, you properly understand what PERIODS are, and what to expect and not expect from them. There are few do’s and don’ts that might make your periods a little easy.

Things TO DO-

  1.   Have a warm water bath as it helps you get rid of that pungent odour and warm water bath rejuvenates your body. MYTH- You can wash your hairs during your chums on whichever day you want, and some societies tell you to have a head bath only on the 4th or the 5th day, which is a complete misconception.
  2.   Exert out your body by at least walking around or by doing simple exercises. Do not use Menstruation Cycles as an excuse to skip workouts. Obviously, you need not do the heavy workouts, but a little exercising will keep anxiety and stress at bay.
  3.   Use a hot water bag to smoothen out the cramps, when they get overboard.
  4.   Eat iron-rich foods, because your body loses a good amount of blood these days.
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  1.   Pamper yourself because you deserve it. Give yourself small gifts such as a candy or a leopard print bra set in India, because womanhood needs no reason to be celebrated.


  1.   Completely avoid eating food with higher salts, junk food with a lot of oil and drinking carbonated drinks.
  2.   Many women tend to avoid drinking more water to pee less and at times even forcibly control peeing. This habit will harm you not only during your Menstruation but also in the long run.
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The best option to be used in these days

There are many options available today, when it comes to Menstruation for your bleeding purpose. Sanitary napkins which are the widely used urban option, converting previously used cotton garments into cloth is a commonly used rural option and the other newly available options in India are menstrual cups and tampons.

While the cotton cloth is thoroughly washed and dried before using it again, many still feel that it is an unhygienic option. Sanitary napkins, on the other hand, lock more blood and reduce the chances of staining clothes, come with wings to properly fix it to your panty, but are hazardous from the environmental point of view. A single napkin takes around years to decompose and is dangerous for the ecosystems around us. Tampons are not only difficult to use if you are a beginner in using them, but show negative ramifications on your body if you do not take them out after proper time intervals. Like the sanitary napkins, tampons too take longer times to decompose.

The newest arrival in the menstrual market are the Menstrual cups. They come in small to extra large cup capacities depending upon your flow. They are both economical and environmentally sustainable. Putting them on and taking them off is a little difficult if you are a beginner, but once you get accustomed to it, it’s a cakewalk. Moreover, unlike the other options which constantly remind you that there is something down there, you might at times forget that you are even wearing a menstrual cup that is the level of comfort they offer.

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