What is it with the red night dress for honeymoon trend?

The lingerie industry has witnessed many incoming, rising and failing trends, right from the time of its inception to the contemporary age. At its inception, lingerie did not at all resemble the way it looks now. It started with tight corsets which were worn by women only to thin their waistlines, much different from today’s era where lingerie is both sexy and comfortable.

As and when a new style of lingerie was introduced, some old-style bid adieu or became a little less popular. With the passing time in the lingerie evolution, newer fabrics, updated styles and addition in the colour range kept on happening. In the contemporary times, there is a wide palette of colours ranging from darks such as black, red and blue to pastels and neon. One trend that has not changed at all, even after all this evolution in the lingerie business, is the obsession of women with red. Women go gaga over red coloured net nighty for honeymoon and their first night.

Let’s dig deep and find out why women are obsessing over RED lingerie for their first night and honeymoon nights.

Red is synonyms with SEXY

Red is synonyms with SEXY

You are lying, if you say you do not relate sexy with red. It is a worldwide accepted fact that RED makes everything look better and hot. Red lingerie has always been the first choice for a majority of women, when it comes to their first night or any night when they want to look sexy for their partner. Red symbolizes bold, and bold means sensuous.

Beautifies every skin tone

A majority of colour shades enhance only a particular skin tone or tones, and wear out the others. There are few colours that though look good on everyone, not everyone can carry them with that ombre like the ones who can wear that shade and stand out in it. However, one shade that is an exception to the above lines is RED. It enhances every skin tone and is an easy colour which can be carried with confidence, by every woman.

Treat for the on-looker

From an on-looker’s point of view as well, red and nighties for honeymoon is a heart-racing combination which guarantees seduction and can never go wrong. Many movies and serials have inculcated in women’s minds that seduction equals a red nighty. Keeping this phenomenon in mind, most women end up buying red lingerie sets for their first nights or honeymoon.


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