Sexy night dress for women, handcuffs for men, and other fun romantic vacation essentials!

The last two summers were spent indoors, and vacations happened only in our dreams. However, slowly the world is moving towards normalcy, and the pandemic restrictions are lifted both in India and internationally. Thus, you can plan a romantic getaway with your partner and grab essentials like sexy night dresses for women, handcuffs and blindfolds, candles, etc.


Before we dive deep into the topic, let me remind you that the pandemic has subsided but is not completely over. Coronavirus is still there on our planet, mutating and infecting. Thus, it is your responsibility to carry masks, sanitizers, and other preventive equipment for your and other people's safety. That being said, let's look at some of the essentials for a romantic vacation.


Candles and Fairy Lights

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a long vacation, candles and fairy lights can add a pinch of romance to your special nights. This is an easy way to transform your hotel room into a more romantic setting without doing much.

Moreover, you can also use this hack to decorate your bedroom on a normal night to make it special and break the monotone.

You can either use the candles or the fairy lights, but do not go overboard. You want it to look romantic and not an attempt to make your night as bright as your day.

If your partner has any favourite fragrance, you can opt for a few scented candles to set the mood right.

Bluetooth Speakers

If your room does not have a music system in the list of amenities the hotel provides, make sure to pack a Bluetooth speaker with you. On the nights when you want to hold each other and have a romantic dance, you should not fall short of music. Moreover, while an intimate lovemaking session, having some light violin in the background is an added turn-on.

Love Cards

Pamper them every day, and beforehand be ready with love cards for each day. You can stack some up from a gift store and DIY some with both of your photographs and favorite memories. Also, on Instagram and e-cards, handwritten notes and letters have been lost. You can write a letter or a note to your partner and see the face spark with love.

Also, before we proceed, this is a list encompassing only the things to enhance your romance. However, do not forget to pack your basic skincare, haircare, and hygiene stuff because no one likes to touch dry skin or kiss chapped lips.


Blindfolds and Handcuffs

Do I need to explain the role of these props? These help you explore a different side of your partner and experience lovemaking differently. You can take turns with the handcuffs and the blindfold and explore the unexplored.


Sexy Night Dress for Women

Can a romantic vacation even be complete without a hot night dress for women? Pack sexy lingerie for every night of your vacation to make it more romantic and naughtier. Also, you can pinch him further by making him pick the sexy nightwear that you will wear each night. If you want to make this experience different, you can let him choose the sexy nightwear you will buy for the vacation.

Board Games

There are two benefits of carrying board games with you for a romantic vacation. Firstly, for the days when you are bored stepping out of your hotel room, board games can serve as a good entertainment tool.

Secondly, you can also play stripping games with them for some naughty nights. The loser has to strip one clothing item at one time, and the one who wins rules the bed for the night.

Love Journals

Another fun task for a romantic vacation is filling love journals. You get the ready-made ones in the store, or you can also create one with your questions and fill in the blanks. This is a fun way to know each other better if your relationship is new, and the older ones can see how well the partners remember each other's likes and dislikes.

Essential Oils

You should carry a box of essential oils for the sexy massage sessions. Both partners take turns, and you can have fun and relaxation simultaneously. You can also recreate some sexy massage porn moments if you both have such fantasies.

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Props for Roleplay

Finally, do not stick to one formula for making your vacation nights romantic. Try playing with your hot night dress for women, and style with some belts, makeup, heels, or shrugs to make it different. You can also try some themes, such as doctor-nurse or any other roles you two loved, and make your nights extra special.