Neck pillow for travelling and Other Travel Essentials for 2022!

The last two summers had just passed by, and we were locked in our houses due to the Pandemic. However, this summer resembles the normal summers we had before 2019, and though the Pandemic has not completely subsided, there are no travel restrictions either. If you are planning to travel in the summer of 2022, there are certain things like a neck pillow for travelling, universal adapters and other must-haves that you cannot miss.


This blog brings you a list of travel essentials for summer 2022.



The summer this year is comparatively hot than the other years, and this is not only a case in India but all around the globe. Thus, whether you are off for a national or an international trip, you need to carry a good sunscreen lotion. Moreover, whether it is too hot or not, or you are stepping out in the sun for a few minutes or some hours or an entire day, wearing sunscreen is a must.

The UVA and UVB rays from the sun harm the skin and result in tanning, pigmentation, redness and ageing. Thus, wearing sunscreen whenever you step outdoors is a practice everyone needs to follow.

Document Organizer

A handy document organizer is a life-saver for any national or international trip. It lets you keep all your identity documents, such as your Aadhar card, passport, others, tickets, and other essential documents, all in one place.

If you do not want to be the one who searches for the travel documents in a handbag or a backpack holding the queue, this document organiser has to be in your travel luggage.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

Travelling comfortably, irrespective of the mode of transport, is every individual's right. You need not book a business class flight or a first-class sleeper train to sleep comfortably while traversing from one point to another. A neck pillow for a flight or train helps you sleep or nap comfortably, even in the congested seat of an economy flight or a non-sleeper train.

A neck pillow for travelling supports your head and lets you sleep peacefully without stressing your neck, back, or shoulders. Thus, you wake up fresh and are ready to explore as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Do you need any more reasons to buy a travel pillow?

Masks and Sanitizers

As mentioned earlier, the number of infections and the severity of the Pandemic have lowered and not completely subsided. The coronavirus is still there on the planet, infecting, spreading and mutating. Thus, like in the past 2 years, you still need to carry masks and sanitisers to prevent yourself and others from any chances of getting Covid-positive.

Thus, before booking any destination, make sure that it is safe to travel and that the number of infections in that city is minimal. Nevertheless, do not travel without wearing your preventive equipment and frequently washing your hands.

Sexy Lingerie

A sexy night dress for women is a mandate if it is a romantic vacation. Sexy nightwear stirs the level of romance and makes any normal or special night sexier. Moreover, even if it is a short trip, do not forget to pack some sexy nighties.

Universal Adapters

With the increasing number of devices one needs to carry on a vacation, the number of adapters and wires to charge these gadgets has also increased; you need a distinct charger for a phone, tablet or laptop, smartwatch, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and camera. These are only the basic gadgets; if you carry face massagers, trimmers, electric brushes and other devices, we cannot even keep track of all the chargers you need.

Thus, a universal adapter proves to be a blessing here. One adapter comes with several socket holes catering to every charging requirement, and only one adapter can help you charge a range of devices.

Thus, a universal adapter is essential if you are travelling with many chargeable devices.

First aid and basic Meds

Whether long or short or far or near your trip, you always need to carry basic first-aid and medicines. Stick-on bandages, crepe bandages, cough syrup, medicine for acidity, gas problems, upset stomach, body pain, cold and cough, fever, and ointment for bee stings and mosquito bites, are some of the things that should be a part of your travel first-aid kit.

Though you have booked a posh hotel with a doctor one call away, carrying basic first-aid items is vital.

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Range of Footwear

When you have decided to vacay at a particular destination, you pack as per the itinerary you have planned for there. However, always carry a range of footwear such as basic slippers, sneakers or some classy footwear, and sports shoes, as they keep you ready for any last moment part, posh dinner or trekking plan that may happen.


Final Words

Travel safe, and do not forget to follow the Covid protocols for your and others' safety.

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