Wear night lingerie for women and follow tips for sex hygiene!

There are several taboos still strongly running in the Indian societies, and sex definitely tops the list of these taboos. A few months ago, we had highlighted some of the taboos against women that are still dictating several Indian households.

In this blog, lets have a look at some of the most crucial things that you should do (and not do) after having sex.



By cleaning we do not mean, as the deed is done you run immediately to the shower. But, cleaning your private parts mildly after sex can protect both the partners from developing any kind of urinary infections.

No Cleansers or Douching

Many women fall prey to the commercials of the vaginal cleansers and use these to clean the vagina after the act. In a number of blogs, I have mentioned that vaginal cleansers actually harm your vagina rather than doing any good to it. Your vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, so you can just gently dab it with water to clean it after the act is done.


When you are enjoying the play, many harmful bacteria get into your urethra during this course. Thus, as the act is done, cuddle with your partner for some time and then head straight to the washroom. As you are done cleaning down there, pee and flush those germs out. Also, for women – wipe yourself from the back to the front to not let any bacteria from the back shift to the front.

Drink Water

As everything is done, now sip a glass of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital so you can pee more and any remaining bacteria will also be flushed out before it leads to any form of infection.

Change to Comfy

You might be wearing women sexy night dress in India to add that extra oomph to the night, but as everything is done, change into something looser and airier. Bacterial infections take place in sweaty, damp spots, so make sure to wear panties that let air in freely and are breathable.

Take Care of your Hands

Don't forget to thoroughly wash your hands with a good soap or a hand wash and water. This is the best way to get rid of any bacteria on your hands that may have reached there because of you touching your or your partner’s genitals. This should be a vital step of every post-sex routine.

Cleanse the Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a hangout spot for several bacteria, virus and fungi infections, if not cleaned prudently after every use. It can expose the user to several infections, if not cleansed thoroughly. Thus, clean them as per the instruction on the packaging of every sex toy. Moreover, do not share your sex toys with others, and even if you do, use them with a new condom on.

Keep an Eye on Infections

While having sex, partners can pass yeast infections back and forth. Yes, men too can have yeast infections. So, keep your eyes open to any itching or burning sensation, or a thick white discharge from the vagina or the penis. On noticing any of these symptoms, do not ignore them and see a doctor immediately.

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