Wear short night dress for women and other ways to seduce him!

Marriages these days have become more complicated than ever before. The good part is that more and more women in India are realizing that they have equal physical needs as their partner, and it's their right to sexual pleasure. In a country where once sex was considered just to be a husband’s will, now women too are being vocal about their needs, and ending relationships where their needs are considered secondary.

A few weeks ago, we discussed various reasons for the increasing number of sexless marriages in India.


With passing years of marriage, many men get bored of the monotonous sexual routine, or get so occupied with their responsibilities, that physical intimacy is the last thing that clicks their mind. This is a bad sign as physical intimacy in the younger days betters a couple’s bond, and makes their marriage robust in the olden days.

In this blog, let's have a look at some of the easiest tricks to seduce your husband and enhance the romance. Before we begin, let me clarify what seduction exactly means. Seduction implies attracting someone to do something they secretly want to do, and does in no way mean a way to coerce or dissuade someone to do something they don’t want.

Trigger THE Bone

The simplest and the most tried and tested way to seduce your partner is to dress up in a lacy sexy nighty or a short night dress for ladies, and tease him. When you are teasing him, make sure he does not touch you, and make yourself crazily irresistible.

No HANDS Please

Touch him, give softer pecks on his cheeks, and when he comes to touch you with his hands, STOP HIM. For a night, tell him that he can do whatever he wants but cannot touch you with his hands. Trust me, this is going to drive him crazy, and he will explore you in a way he has never before.


If you feel sexting is only for unmarried couples or the long-distance ones, think again. The magic that a dirty text can create is unmatchable. Message him something naughty when he is away, and set the mood right for the night. Let him know that a tigress awaits him tonight!

Picture Talk

Send him a picture with your cleavage peeping open, or in a braless transparent top, or a lacy lingerie. Though, it is not something that he has never seen before, but seeing this unexpectedly will raise his hormones to an unimaginable level. He is right at the door after this.

Lingerie Shopping

Go lingerie shopping with him! Try various sexy night wear options available and take him to the changing room if you are off for some hot lovemaking then and there itself.

Deck up for him

When he comes home, you are dressed in your usual comfy pajamas and T-Shirt, with a bun or a pony, and no makeup. Slip in a LBD, do a minimal makeup look with bold lips, set your hair well, and put on those high heels, and open the door when he rings the bell tonight. He will be shocked, and you will be ready for a pre-dinner lovemaking session.

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