Answering FAQs related to shopping bra online and lingerie in general!

Whether it is shopping for a bra online or buying a sexy nightie offline, women have a range of questions, but there is no one to answer them correctly. At times, the salesperson is not that efficient or answers according to their brand's needs rather than the consumers, and the description box on the website is also insufficient.

We are the cheerers of womanhood first, and then a lingerie brand. So, we are answering some of your most asked questions about bras, panties, nighties and more.


Questions related to Shopping Bra Online

Is buying bra online a feasible option?

Yes, shopping for lingerie online is a more feasible option than doing it offline. There are always salesmen who keep on hovering when you choose lingerie in the traditional setting. There is always a worry of being judged if you pack a padded or a super sexy bra, especially in small towns.

Similarly, most lingerie shops have men selling products other than in the big cities. Thus, putting forth every question regarding lingerie that crosses your mind is impossible.

Thus, shopping bra online is a better option than offline without a second thought.


What are the parameters to consider while shopping for a bra online?

There are two main parameters that one should consider while buying a lingerie set online or offline.

Fit – The right fit makes a bra, wrong or right. The right bra fits you perfectly without leaving any strap, belt or cup marks on your skin. A right-fitting bra does not bother you at all.

Fabric – The right bra is crafted with high-end fabric and fits and feels perfect to a wearer.

Pro tips for shopping bra online – Measure your chest size, and pick a bra with that exact measurement. This is a 95% perfect way to buy the right bra without wearing it to test the fit. Moreover, every brand offers a different measurement in the universal size chart, so ensure you check the description box prudently every time you hop to a new brand.


Why does my bra hurt?

Many women dread wearing a bra because it hurts, and they blame it on the bra. However, the bra did not select you, and you selected the bra. So, blame yourself for choosing the wrong bra.

A wrong bra can result in straps or the belt diving into your skin, causing marks and the pain that you feel in your back or shoulders. Thus, no matter how low you run on time, try a bra before finalizing it if you are buying it offline, and in case online, try it on as soon as you get it delivered.

There are various reasons why a bra can hurt:

-   Wrong size

-   The belt or the straps are made from substandard quality fabric resulting in rashes on your skin.

-   The cup size is small

Can I go braless outdoors?

The answer to this one differs from woman to woman. In the first place, a bra keeps your boobs in place and enhances the looks of any outfit you wear. Secondly, they support your boobs and avoid juggling when doing any activity outdoors.

In my opinion, if you have very small boobs, you can go outdoors braless. On the other hand, if you have larger assets, going braless is not the best of ideas.

Wired or Non-Wired?

This is a question of preference.

General Questions Related to Panties

Should I go military at night?

The main reason to wear a panty is that it secretes all the discharges from your vagina, keeping your bottom wear dry and clean. In an otherwise scenario, if you go military during the day, these liquids will wet your bottom, making you uncomfortable and awkward.

However, at night, going military is a good idea as it gives you a private part some air to breathe freely.

Are cotton panties better than other fabrics?

Yes, cotton fabrics are the best when we are talking about panties. Cotton lets your vagina breathe freely without any interruption. As a result, there is no sweat, and the liquids discharged on your panty too dry up easily without making you uncomfortable. Thus, cotton is the most recommended fabric when it comes to panties. However, that does not make other fabrics bad altogether. You can go with a panty crafted from any other fabric until its crotch patch is made from cotton.

Are menstrual panties a practical option?

I have never tried a menstrual panty, so I might not be the best person to answer this. However, when I came across this question, I went through several reviews about menstrual panties from various brands available in India. I can conclude that menstrual panties are a good option only for the days when you bleed minimum, or there is just spotting.

General Questions Related to Sexy Lingerie

Does only revealing nightwear qualify as sexy?

In my opinion, sexy is a spirit with which one carries any piece of clothing, and the wearer's attitude decides whether that piece of clothing is sexy or not. Revealing nightwear shows your body, but till you are not comfortable and confident in carrying it, it is a revealing nightie and not sexy. Thus, any nightwear option can qualify as sexy if the wearer thinks and carries it.

Are tighter nighties better?

No, this is a myth. Perfect-fitting nighties are better, and the tighter ones make you look clumsy and uncomfortable. Right fit, excellent quality fabric and sensual looks are the ingredients of a perfect sexy night dress for women.


Why do men love to see their women in animal-printed lingerie?

Animal prints stir human emotions, and not only men but women, too, feel sexier in them. Humans associate animal prints with wild animals, and thus, seeing their partner in them triggers their sensuality.