7 Must-Have Red Sexy Nighties for Women!

Red is the colour of love; red is the colour of passion, there's something about red that makes the wearer feel sexy, and the on-looker sees sexy. It should not baffle you that almost 74% of women pick up a shade of red when they have a romantic date or night planned. Moreover, a large number of both men and women feel that red makes the wearer look sexier and more attractive. Since the inception of sexy lingerie, did you know that red has been the constant hit throughout its lineage? At Billebon, we have an army of red sexy nighties for women.

This blog brings all the red beauties at Billebon in one chart.

Red Chemise Nightie

This figure-hugging red chemise nightie is a perfect pick if you look for something hot yet elegant. This chemise set hugs the wearer's body and highlights her every curve. The stunning shade of blood-red does not give an in-your-face effect. Rather the subtle red tone makes the wearer look sexy and classy.

Moreover, if you are a bride-to-be and do not want to wear more revealing nighties, this is one of the best bridal night dresses for the night with less skin show. The straps and the keyhole near the chest area make sure that the elegance does not rob away the sexiness of the nightwear.

Red Transparent Sexy Nighty for Women

This sexy nighty for women is a fusion of cute, classy and sassy. The frill piping in the hem of the nightie and on the cups makes the nightie look cute, and the white dots enhance the beauty of the nightie. On the other hand, the transparent fabric, semi-transparent cups, the plunging neckline and the matching G-String panty. Bookmark this one for the nights when you want him to see a girl-next-door and a raging diva.

At Billebon, we try to give you more with every piece of lingerie. Thus, for all of our nighties with deep front or back slits, or the ones crafted from see-through fabrics, we have made sure to give in a fancy G-String panty to enhance the sensuality of the nightie.

Sexy Bra and Panty Set in Red

This one is one of the boldest sexy lingerie from our collection and one of the best-selling products from the time it launched. This epitome of sexiness is crafted from top-notch quality lace fabric to make the wearer look and feel sexy. The keyholes at the right places are meant to make the foreplay easy, and the knot at the back lets you and your partner live your naughtiest fantasies. If you plan for a naughty night with your partner, this sexy bra and panty combo should be on your list.

Classic Sexy Nighty for Women in Red

This nightie is an example of elegance wrapped in a class. This figure-hugging chemise set comes with a plunging neckline and lace detailing on the neck. This nightie is one of our collection's most comfortable and sexy nightwear options. Moreover, it can also work as an inner under a see-through dress or top.

The Boldest Red Lingerie Set

This hot nightwear is an extended version of a sexy bra and panty set. Rather than giving you a basic bra and panty set, our designers attached it with a patch and made it one-piece sexy nightwear. Flaunt your cleavage and sexy waistline in this smashing beauty. This one is for the nights when you want him to go crazy and wild in lovemaking.

Dear to-be brides, you can pack this bridal nightwear for honeymoon nights when you want your physical intimacy to boost to an altogether different height.

Asymmetrical Sexy Nightwear in Red

Not a red-red, but a maroon-red, this sexy nightwear is unique in its pattern and the red shade it comes in. The asymmetrical hem of the nightie makes it unique, and the plunging neckline, lace detailing on the cups, and a bow in the centre of the cleavage enhance the nightie's beauty. This stunning nightwear is crafted from the best quality fabric and feels like a second layer of skin to the wearer.

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Babydoll Nightwear in Black and Red

Which are the two shades that crop in your mind on hearing about sexy clothes? Red and Black, right? If you feel the same, you are not the only one, and these two colours qualify as the sexiest shade for apparel for most people worldwide. Though neon, pastels and nude shades are the current rage, but black and red will be an evergreen trend.

The skirt in this sexy nighty for women is pretty as it is crafted from lace and bows in an alternate combination of red and black. The lace cups, plunging neckline, black piping under the cups, and the halter-neck back doubles the beauty of the nightie.


Celebrate love in the red sexy nighty for women only with Billebon!