The Lingerie Lineage

While browsing through the various lingerie online stores in India, have you ever thought about the inception of lingerie and its journey to fame? Let us explore the lingerie lineage and its history of evolution.

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The term ‘lingerie’ itself means linen in French which literally hints at the fabric that was used in making undergarments in the olden days. During the earlier part of the nineteenth century lingerie consisted only of basic undergarments for women, however by the end of the century lingerie had moved a step further and became a weapon of erotic pleasure used for showing-off of the body during sexual course. Contemporary women should be elated to see how lingerie has evolved over the centuries.

In the earlier days when lingerie was not in sight, female innerwear was not only boring but also uncomfortable and certainly painful to a larger extent. In the period ranging from the 16th to the 19th century, women wore corsets solely to have a tiny waistline of about 40-43cm. These corsets caused women of those centuries considerable discomfort to a level where some women even passed out from the severe constriction owing to the tight corsets.

After the advent of the First World War, when more and more women started their professional life, they realized a pragmatic variant of innerwear was needed. From then on emphasis was kept on the comfort and functionality of the garments.



The 19th century not only saw the upgrade of the already seen innerwear but also paved way for the forthcoming lingerie evolution.

The 1900s marked the arrival of the sheer nightgowns with revealing backs and became a staple of every bridal trousseau then. It was in the 1920s when the slips were incepted with a motto to keep undergarments beneath the outfits as invisible as possible. In the 1950s, the corsets had changed drastically and became strapless and featured underwire cups for enhancing the busts. The mid 19th century also witnessed Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ collection which focused on super-full skirts. Along with petticoats and slips, the bust was an essential part of the look which brought wired bras in action.

In 1977, Victoria’s Secret was founded which can safely be referred to as a revolutionary moment in the lingerie business. Until now, when sexy lingerie was only available to the economically-privileged sections of the society, Victoria’s Secret brought inexpensive lacy thongs and satin bras to the middle-class women.

Teddies were considered sleepwear in the 1980s. By 1994, a new name ‘Agent Provocateur’ made rounds in the lingerie market, as it opened its first store in London. Their collection was a fusion of hot, retro-inspired lingerie with designer price and aspirations. The founders were visibly focused in making this brand as much as about sex as it was about basic garments. However, the high-end price tags kept this brand far away from the reach of its middle class clientele.

Billebon- Made in India

Billebon- Made in India

As with the coming years the lingerie industry evolved, hot night dress for ladies was easily available in most of the places. In the present day scenario, lingerie ranges from backless babydolls to erotic bodysuits and chemises with plunging necklines.

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