Find your Spirit Animal (Print)!

One thing that’s constant about the fashion industry (much like life) is that it keeps changing.  New drifts arrive and inclinations skip from one trend to another and then onto another. Every season has a new wave. Every spring a new flower blooms and every autumn brings new wind but certain flavours are cherished throughout the year. These timeless trends might see a low now and then but they inescapably keep reappearing in our wardrobes. One prime example of such classic vogue is ‘animal print.’

Animal Print has always stood its ground when it comes to fashion. It has grabbed eyeballs for a very long time now and still does not seem to go anywhere. Animal prints can be extremely stylish, sophisticated, quirky, and versatile. The trend does not seem to weaken at all and has been ruling various sectors such as shoes, handbags, coats, accessories, home furnishing textile, and most importantly the lingerie sector. Find the best tiger print bra and panty in India at Billebon.

Animal print clothing are garments that have patterns that resemble the skin or fur of animals like zebra, tiger, leopard, cheetah, etc. The popularity of animal prints since ancient times can be due to various reasons. 

Our obsession with animal print fashion goes back to the times when humans primarily started using animal membrane rugs. The sophisticated class also exhibited animal heads and animal skin as a figure of status. Coats and jackets made using the fur of animals were worn by members of imperial families. These pieces were considered extremely stylish and were considered a status symbol.

In the past few decades, animal print became a part of the trend that the masses and the classes both can carry and afford. Celebrities, fashion designers, models, and influencers played a major role in bringing animal print into mainstream fashion. This was a trend that was tailed by almost everyone.  Animal print clothing was manufactured in various quality of fabrics; fine and low-cost fabrics and was hence affordable as well as extremely high end. This evergreen trend was in itself a huge umbrella that had a multitude of options in fabric, colour, design, etc. Cheetah print, Bengal tiger strips, black and white dalmatians spots, or the zebra stripes, all these different prints have their appeal and enigma. The catchiest thing about animal print was that this trend has been reinvented time and again and there is something new every season. Animal prints could be worn any season, any time of the day on any occasion. No other trend has ever had this versatility attached to it. Billebon has the classiest women sexy night dress in India.

tiger print bra and panty in India

While animal print can be spotted at every nook and corner of the fashion industry, the lingerie sector is smitten by it the most. Animal prints are pleasing to the eye and bring out the wild side of human nature. These two characteristics of the style were more than enough to create a buzz in the lingerie industry.  Designers used their creative abilities and introduced new colours such as neon, blue, green, or pink which weren’t animal’s natural colours but a modernized version. These colours are catchy to the eye and look extremely stylish. Today, renowned lingerie brands are coming with a great collection of animal print intimate wear. A variety of inner wears such as thongs, bralettes, babydolls, chamise, bustiers, corsets, camisoles, and many more are available in exotic animal print. Buy strappy bra and panty set in India from Billebon.

These trendy intimate wears are considered ageless and have been seen frequently in movies, adverts, and ramps. Animal prints are versatile and have so many different patterns in the market that every woman gets to pick their choice.