Special Nights, Special Things!!

If it's your honeymoon or your Anniversary or Valentines, the special nights deserve some special starts. Cuddling and watching a movie or having a romantic dinner or long walks before bed or just dressing up in a sexy night dress for girls, is romantic but not enough to highlight your special nights.

Special occasions deserve special treatment and one of a kind beginning. If it starts the usual way, why call it a special night? Let’s see some of the handy tips to have a great start to a remarkable night with your partner.


Wear a beautiful set of lingerie, but do not show it to him altogether. The least you can show him is the pictures of the sexy lacy piece you are wearing inside. Let him win against you and then reach the sexiest level of your clothing. Browse through the best full lingerie set in India, to select the best piece for your special night.


The experience is magical when either partner’s hands are restricted with a handcuff and the other one can do whatever he/she desires. You can take turns with the handcuffs and both the partners will be amazed with the level of naughtiness and imagination their other half can get to.

Like the First Night

This one obviously applies for the ones who have already had their first nights. Recreation of any merry memory can undoubtedly be one of the best experiences for the person experiencing it again. Depending upon how the circumstances of your first night where it can range between anything from shy and timid to extremely sexy and wild. If your relationship is a few years old, you definitely must have grown and matured from the one you were then it will be an amazing experience for both the partners, to keep the matured sides away and revisit the immature memory lanes.

sexy night dress for girls


 Couple Games

There are a plethora of couple games especially designed for your and your partner’s naughty mood for that special night. These games range from board games to card games such as poker and know your partner better. While in poker, every time one of you wins, the other partner will strip off a piece of clothing according to the winner’s choice. These games can go on till one of you has stripped off completely or is too turned on to resist any further.




Like the handcuffs, blindfolding your partner can also make you discover experiences you might have never imagined. Touching or feeling that is UNSEEN is an out of the world experience as surprising things would happen when you or your partner will least expect them.


Try these tips and add that special splash of love and romance to your special nights. Visit Billebon’s website to browse through beautiful womens lingerie sets in India.