The Essence of being Body Positive

If we recall how the decade commenced with mainstream celebrities propagating ‘Size Zero’, it won’t be off beam to say that we have come a long way since then. Along with patience, empathy, self-security, and acceptance, 2020 taught us that it's alright to just be yourself. The only fundamental of the Body Positive Movement is that all bodies are equal and deserve love and respect.

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The frequent occurrence of body-positivity in our conversations, internet searches, and media has opened the doors for widespread cultural awareness. People have started diagnosing and eradicating fatphobia and colourism which had been absorbed in our society for decades. These ills have often led to bullying, shattering self-confidence, self-doubt, and in some cases even more heinous crimes.

Society for eons treated people differently on how they look. Our society proliferated thinner, curvier, women with fair (and lovely) skin. We have grown up seeing this bias on television, advertisements, and mainstream media where big-boned women were shown as comic relief or the hilarious friend to the thin, tall, and fair ‘heroine.’ 

Owing to The Body positive movement, today we see diversity. There is a wide variety on television, and celebrities are coming out to encourage all body and skin types. Fairness creams are receiving intense criticism and models are banishing photoshop, insisting on using untouched images. Also, gone are the days where magazines promised weight loss on their front cover. Today, we are also well versed in the diet culture and its harms.

Having said this, The Bo-Po Movement does not encourage being ‘OVER’ weight or an unhealthy lifestyle. It simply states that naturally all bodies are different, and there shouldn’t be any discrimination based on how one looks. 


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Growing up, watching America’s Next Top Model, Splitsvilla, or even mainstream Bollywood movies; one could see how all the models and actresses were cut from the same cloth. Bing thin, tall, and fair was the only accepted beauty standard and millions of average looking girls looked down upon themselves for not fitting in that unrealistic frame. Unaware and unfamiliar with the exquisiteness of ‘Inclusivity’ and diversity, women blindly believed in the definition told by the proprietors of the industry. Many plus-sized models paved the road for the inclusivity we see today on the screen.

While some were astounded, many rooted for Toccara Jones to win America’s Next Top Model as the first black, plus-sized model. Many others such as Tinder Badhesha and Amy Lemons have worked hard for acceptance without following the prevalent beauty norms. Today we wholeheartedly accept Ashely Graham on television and Sonakshi Sinha as a mainstream heroine. 

 The Body Positive Movement is so powerful that it led Kim Kardashian, the pioneer of unrealistic beauty standards to handpick models of diverse race, colour, and size for the campaign of her undergarment brand, Skims.


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This movement has made little girls realize their worth and recognize that millions of opportunities lie ahead no matter what type does their body falls into. Media and television are not the playgrounds of the slim and fair anymore. These changes will pave the road for self-assurance and self-love for generations to come. 

To conclude, one should not value their bodies over their being. Approving and loving your body rather than criticizing it does wonders. Billebon deals in women’s lingerie sets in India for all shapes and size.