Learn how to prudently shampoo and condition your strands and slay in a 1-piece night dress!

One thing that both men and women are equally proud of is their hair. We invest in an eclectic range of products such as serums and oils to enhance the health and looks of our hair. However, only a few people get the results their heart desires, while others keep on swapping products from one brand to the other. The texture, appearance, and quality of our hair are affected by a range of things such as climate, pollution, exposure to UV rays from the sun, Ingestive habits, stress, and many others. The changes in the climate outside greatly affect the texture of your hair. Thus, the beauty and the health of your hair are affected by both internal and external factors. Thus, you need to take special care of your hair during monsoons, summers, and winters.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there is one important factor that extensively affects your hair. How you shampoo or condition your hair affects it heavily. This might sound lame, but read out the entire blog to know how it does and the right way to shampoo and condition your hair.

While washing your hair, do you apply shampoo to the tips as well? Do you use hot or warm Water for washing your strands? Do you scrub your head with all the power you have, scratching your nails into your scalp? If you are guilty of any of these, you are treating your hair wrong. We tend to wash our sexy 1 piece night dress in a delicate way, then why be harsh to your hair?

Hair hacks for sizzling hair on a 1 piece night dress

We have mentioned some shampooing and conditioning mistakes that you need to avoid for the sake of your hair.

Applying Shampoo to Dry Strands

Applying Shampoo to Dry Strands

Many people apply shampoo without wetting their hair. Can you paint with dry colours? Do you apply soap to your dry body? Similarly, your hair needs to be wet for the shampoo to spread prudently and lather well. Moreover, lukewarm Water opens the pores of your hair and helps the shampoo to penetrate deeper and rinse off the dirt.

Massaging with your Nails

Do not use your nails while massaging oil or shampoo on your head. Our nails house a huge number of bacteria and germs, and scraping adds these germs and bacteria to the surface of our scalp. They irritate and loosen the hair from its roots, increasing their likelihood to break or fall. Thus, always use your fingertips to massage your head.

Adding shampoo directly

If you directly apply shampoo to your hair without adding a few drops of Water to it, you end up wasting more product with lesser results. Thus, pump the shampoo in your palms first, then add a few drops of Water into it, rub it well on your palms, and then apply it to your hair. In this way, it will lather more, offering higher coverage and reducing the amount of the product used.

Shampooing too frequently

Shampooing too frequently

Do not shampoo your hair every day, or you will rob off its natural oils. Shampooing your hair washes off the natural oils in the scalp that nourishes and keeps it hydrated. Thus, shampooing more frequently can leave you with a malnourished dry scalp. It's advisable to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week.

Hot Water for rinsing the strands

Do not use hot Water for your hair whatsoever the climate outside is. Washing hair with hot Water loosens their roots, makes them dry, and increases the chance of hair fall and breakage. Thus, always use lukewarm Water to rinse your hair.

Not Conditioning the Ends

The ends of your hair are the most at risk of breakage. Thus, start conditioning your hair from its tips and gradually move upwards, so the tips get more time to absorb moisture from the conditioner. Your shampoo works for your scalp, and your conditioner works on the tips. Like a sexy nightie works for special nights and a night dress for women cotton fancy works for comfortable nights, the same is the situation with shampoo and conditioner.

Here is the exact way your hair wash routine should look like.

Wet your hair.

Lathen your shampoo well and gently massage it on your scalp with your fingertips. Do not apply shampoo to the tips of your hair.

Rinse thoroughly

Rinse thoroughly.

Condition your hair and focus more on the tips.

Wash with cold water to lock the moisture in the hair pores.

Additional Tips

Regularly oil your hair.

Use satin pillow covers to reduce breakage.

Be delicate with your hair while detangling and handling them generally.

There are many ways to style your hair without using minimal products and hair styling equipment. These hair hacks help you save your hair products for special occasions as well as act as real time saviors when you are running late.

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