Let’s talk about the perfect nighttime lingerie and skincare routine!

We feel that our eyes, our hair, or our facial features contribute to our looks, but we always forget one important aspect that matters equally – our skin! If your skin is radiant, healthy, and youthful, you will look younger than your age, and if it's a contrasting scenario, you might look older than your actual age. Lately, a lot has been said and sold in the beauty industry for making your skin healthy and youthful. There is an extensive range of products and routines that might make the sanest minds go crazy.

But at Billebon, we try to highlight topics related to women in a simpler and less hassled way. Our women's lingerie & nightwear are a fusion of comfort and elegance to offer you two different flavours in one cone.

Before shedding light on what to apply, first have a look at things you definitely should not apply on your skin. In our last blog, we have discussed at length, hazardous chemicals contained in beauty products that can put your skin in jeopardy.

Why are nighttime skincare routines important for looking sexy in hot lingerie & nightwear for women?

Having a prudent nighttime skincare routine is crucial for healing and pampering the skin and feeling extra hot in a sexy nightwear. Working out, stepping out in bright sun, exposure to UV rays and pollution throughout the day, your skin loses its moisture and becomes dry and dull by night. Thus, when you plan on having some romantic nights with your partner, and choose to wear a hot nightdress for women or anything revealing, your dull and dry skin beneath these sensuous outfits will definitely affect your comfort. Pampering your skin before you go to bed starts enhancing and healing your skin immediately, leaving behind smooth and soft skin.

There are a few tips that you should follow for making your skin flawless, and healthy.

-  Drink lots of water every day. It not only helps you in shedding those extra kilos and escaping those unnecessary hunger pangs but also enhances your skin in a way that no product ever can.

-  Apply a good moisturizer at least twice a day as it keeps your skin hydrated.

-  Do not touch your face now and then.

-  Do not touch or pop open your pimples.

-  Augment the intake of ‘greens’ in your diet.

-  Do not try any new skincare product directly on your face before doing an elbow test on yourself to check whether the product suits your skin or not. Women are known to be deep assessors when it comes to choosing anything from veggies to sexy night dress while shopping online in India. Assess every skincare product and do not blindly trust the advertisements or the big brands manufacturing them.

-  Do not step outdoors without wearing sunscreen no matter how harsh or subtle the sunlight outside is.

An apt nighttime skincare routine plays a major role in hydrating, nourishing, and bettering your skin. The daytime skincare products usually just hydrate your skin and protect it from UV rays. However, nighttime skincare products focus on healing and repairing skin damage and regenerating skin cells. Almost 90% of the anti-aging products are prescribed to be used at night as they work on healing rather than protecting. Thus, your nighttime skincare routine plays a vital role in enhancing your skin.

In the night, though you are sleeping, most of your body parts are repairing themselves including your skin. So, this is the right time to help it at bettering its job, as the skin care products used at night work the best. Though we tend to follow a prescribed skincare routine on our face and neck, the skin on our arms, legs, and every part of our body needs gentle care. So, while choosing dailywear, lingerie & nightwear options for women, ensure that these garments are crafted from high-end fabrics and does not irritate the skin in any manner.

Steps in a Nighttime Skincare Routine

Steps in a Nighttime Skincare Routine

Take Off the Makeup

Sleeping with a decked-up face is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Also, just washing your face with a face wash or simply splashing water is not enough. The contemporary makeup products are smudge-free, water-proof, and are durable for longer hours, and do not easily come off with a simple face wash. Thus, use a chemical-free makeup remover or dab some olive oil or coconut oil, roll it gently over your face and then with the help of a cotton pad take off the makeup. The coconut or olive oil not only breaks down the makeup molecules and makes it easy for you to get rid of them, but also nourishes and moisturizes your skin.


Go for a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and concern, and cleanse your face after taking off the makeup. Even after taking off the makeup, some particles are still left in the pores of your skin. Also, before you apply any cream or essential oils to your skin it is vital to remove all the dirt, dust, and oils from your skin. Thus, cleansing your face helps you achieve this. Take a few drops of the cleanser, massage it gently on your face with emphasis on your T-zone, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Do not ever cleanse or wash your face with too hot or too cold water as it makes your skin dry and dull.


The ones who use it cannot survive without this skincare product, and those who do not use it should give it a shot. A tonner can be used both at night and in the daytime. It hydrates your skin after cleansing, as the latter washes off all the oil from your skin. Moreover, if any dirt still resides on the skin, a toner helps to get rid of it, and most importantly it shrimps your pores.

Use a serum or a spot treatment

Use a serum or a spot treatment

If you are using any serum or spot treatment for acne, aging, or any other skin concern, you should apply it after the tonner. These serums or spot treatments get absorbed faster, thus using them after a tonner is a better idea.

Use an Eye Cream

Use an Eye Cream

No nighttime skincare routine can be complete without a good eye cream. Due to staring at the screen for long hours, not properly applying sunscreen and moisturizer here, this area is the most delicate and is the first spot to show the signs of aging. Thus, using an eye cream will hydrate this area and circumvent wrinkles, and puffiness in the area under your eyes.


The most vital step in every skincare routine is moisturizing your skin. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type, and apply it gently on your face. This is the last step of your nighttime skincare regime to wake up every morning with well-hydrated, and radiant skin.

In conclusion, love your skin and see how it loves you back!

An important tip before we conclude - follow your skincare routine after changing into your cotton, or satin night dress.