Dear Brides, do not ignore your feet when you pamper the rest of your body!

A woman's body is deeply mysterious and creative to an extent where women themselves are confused about their bodies. It is a human tendency to be biased, and we do not spare our body parts as well from this distinction. On the one hand, some parts of a woman's body such as her face, her hair, her nails, her arms are looked after and pampered beyond the extent, and on the other hand, some parts such as her feet, her toes, her boobs are ignored. When women shop for a bridal nighty they definitely check how comfortable it will feel on their skin, but when it comes to footwear, they are ready to compromise on the comfort of their feet if the footwear looks appealing. This is just an illustration of how biased we are towards the body parts that let us stand, walk, hop and run.

We are not against skincare or beauty products or hair care routines, but the point we are trying to put forth here is that we need to look after our body as a whole and every part of it needs special attention. While most men get turned on only by looking at a woman’s naked boobs, women generally care less about this vital part of the body. As a result, today breast cancer is the second-most common form of cancer in women worldwide. This emphasizes the need to take care of your breasts.

Flaunt your feet under the honeymoon bridal nighties

At Billebon, we make sure that our designers craft the best lacy lingerie for women that enhance your curves and feel extremely comfortable on your skin. However, we do not restrict our role there, and make sure to highlight issues related to women's health and hygiene every now and then such as breast cancer, menstrual hygiene, vaginal health, and others. 

Likewise, another body part that most women tend to ignore is their feet. We stand, walk, and practically move on our feet, and it is extremely unfair to not even consider them when it comes to extra care. A majority of women in India pay very little attention to their feet. It's ironic that women tend to spend a good amount of time pampering their nails which technically do nothing, and take zero effort to pamper their feet. However, there are easy steps that can help you pamper your nails as well as your feet without spending a bomb in the salons.

In the first place, start treating your feet as important as your skin, hair, and face. Let me highlight how ignorant we are when it comes to our feet. We apply moisturizer to our face and hands multiple times a day, and most of us will not even remember when was the last time we applied moisturizer to our feet. Ignoring your feet while taking care of your other body parts can metaphorically make you a peacock – a beautiful body with ugly feet. Moreover, it is not important only from the beauty point of view, but neglecting your feet when it comes to skincare can also have other ramifications.

We know, pedicures are expensive and we are here to help. There are several things that you can do at your home with just the basic things without spending a bomb each month on pedicures in high-end salons. Follow these routines and say yes to flawless feet especially if you are getting married any sooner to look best in your honeymoon bridal nighties from hair to toe in a literal sense. Moreover, these tips are for every woman to take care of their feet.

Thorough Washing

Your feet are the most common ground for bacterial or fungal infection as they are trapped in socks and shoes for a good number of hours each day. They also easily come in contact with dirt and dust making the area between the toes a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, it is extremely essential to thoroughly wash your feet with soap and water at least once when indoors, and whenever you come from outdoors. 

Drying them Prudently

After every wash, make sure to wipe your feet prudently as dampness promotes chances of fungal infections such as Athlete's foot and other kinds of infections. Keep special attention while wiping the area between the toes, and make sure to completely dry them off before wearing socks or shoes. As we do not put on our lacy lingerie for women without drying our body completely after a shower, do not compromise on dry feet as well.


Do not limit your daytime and nighttime skincare routines only to your face and hands, hydrate your feet as well. Apply a good amount of anybody cream of your choice or petroleum jelly or cocoa butter on your feet especially your heels. When your feet are not hydrated it becomes dry, scaled, and chapped. This stiffs the heels, and they start cracking which attracts dust and dirt. Cracked heels are not only an eyesore but also painful. Now, if you are on a honeymoon or it is a special night with your partner, the last thing you want him to see under your lacy lingerie for women are your cracked heels.

Peeling the Jagged Skin

Just removing the jagged skin will not be beneficial if the dead skin on the feet is not removed. Thus, at least once every month, take off the dead skin from your feet by exfoliation. You can do it with loofah or pumice stones. After exfoliating the feet, apply a hydrating moisturizer and leave it overnight. Exfoliation not only frees your feet from dead skin but also removes off deeply stuck dirt and dust.

Feet Pampering Sessions

At least once a week, soak your feet in warm water and let them rest there for some time. Then, wipe your feet with a clean towel and apply a hydrating cream. For an enhanced effect, you can also smash some bananas, and use this as a feet mask for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse your feet with warm water.

Wear Socks

Slip your feet in your favorite pair of socks not only in winters but whenever you apply any cream on it. They protect your feet from any dust or dirt sticking to them owing to the cream. Whenever outdoors, try to always protect your feet from UV radiation, and pollution by wearing socks.

In a nutshell, there are simple ways to pamper and protect your feet, so invest time and effort in your feet as well. Also, do not forget to browse through Billebon’s exclusive collection of 2 piece night dress for women in India.