Hi hot night dress for women, Bye Chemicals on Skin!

In the contemporary days, skincare and makeup products are loaded with chemicals that are extremely harmful for the skin. In the absence of any strict laws making medical tests obligatory for these products, from the manufacturer’s kitty they directly land in the drugstore shelves.

In our last blog, we explained how the skincare and beauty products are scamming their consumers.

Stay closer to hot nightwear for ladies in India and away from chemicals in skincare and makeup products!

In this blog, let's dive deeper and thoroughly understand the chemicals that the cosmetic industry uses but is extremely hazardous to our skin. There are no stringent rules and regulations governing the cosmetic industry in India, thus it zeroes down to the consumers to choose wisely and protect them and their loved ones.

Below is the list of chemicals we are warning you against –


This is a kind of preservative and is found in almost every makeup and skincare product that is liquid in nature from liquid soaps to lotions. Parabens are used in liquid cosmetics to circumvent bacteria from developing in these products.

Paraben is dangerous as it causes hormonal disbalance. Moreover, in serious cases, parabens may also result in breast cancer.

Perfume or Artificial Fragrance

Every product ranging from skincare to cosmetics contains artificial fragrance. Some of these products either mention artificial fragrances or parfum in the ingredient list, but if you read under the line, it means a fusion of irritators, allergens, and endocrine disruptors.

Also, the products that mention ‘unscented’, contain artificial fragrances in them. As nighty sex dress in India contains sensuousness in it, whether directly stated or not, same is the case with cosmetic products and artificial fragrances.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are used in a wide range of cosmetic, skincare, shampoos, and toothpastes. SLS and SLES can foster allergies or result in skin irritation.


This chemical is popularly found in hair dyes and nail polishes. It is a volatile solvent and can jeopardize the immune system or result in birth defects.


This is mainly used in fragrances, hair sprays and nail polishes. This chemical is basically used in making plastic as it avoids plastic from being brittle. Imagine, this being used in your hair sprays and nail paints from where it can easily get in your body and harm your immunity and reproduction system, and also cause birth defects.

Polyethylene Glycol

PEG is used as a thickening agent in lotions, sunscreens, and shampoos. PEG can cause respiratory problems. Moreover, it is banned in Canada.


It is used as a preservative in a range of cosmetics. This chemical is linked to neurotoxicity and asthma.

Chemical Sunscreens

There are two varieties of sunscreens found in the market, one with a natural filter and other with chemical one. Oxybenzone is used in sunscreen with chemical filters, and is known to cause thyroid dysfunction.


This is used as a foaming agent in a number of products. It is known to cause respiratory disorders, and is banned in the European Union.


It is used as an antibacterial agent in several soaps and cosmetic products, and is an endocrine disruptor. It was also shown to trigger tumor growth and gut inflammation.

In a nutshell, thoroughly analyze every item that goes in your skincare and cosmetic products before choosing the right option free from all the above chemicals. Also, do not forget to go through our website and check our latest collection of sexy night dress for women.