Neck rest pillow and other March must-haves for women!

March is here, and we are all set to drench ourselves in colour and welcome the summers. The summer season has begun, and March is the borderline month of transition, as from the following month. As the sun has started griming brighter, beaches and hill stations await us. If this March has travel plans, a neck rest pillow is essential for this month.

At Billebon, we have discussed an eclectic range of topics such as vaginal, menstrual and sex hygiene, benefits of wearing sunscreen, organic haircare and skincare, and more. We have also started a new series where our experts will guide you to get some essentials to make that month easier and more comfortable.

We have listed all the essentials for a mind-blowing March in this blog.

Cute, little floral dress

Can we think about summer without those cute little summer dresses? All around the globe, summer is synonymous with floral summer dresses that go perfectly for a beach trip, a casual lunch or a brunch date, a particular movie or a dinner night or a regular shopping spree. Yellow, purple, mint and pastels are some of the ruling shades this year, and they will raise the temperature with cute summer dresses as well.

A sexy bikini or monokini

Summer means heat, and the best way to beat the heat is by taking a dip in the ocean or a swimming pool or chilling on the beach. Whether you want a tan on the beaches of Goa, Maldives or Bali, or are planning to take a regular dip in a nearby swimming pool, a sassy swimsuit or a bikini is a must.

Hat and Caps

What compliments the cute summer dresses and the bikinis on the beach the best? A classy, big hat, of course! If travelling plans form a part of your bucket list for this month, huge hats are essential. They not only make your ensemble classier but also protect your face and shade it from the harsh sunlight.

Neck Rest Pillow

A travel pillow is necessary for comfortable sleeping and relaxing no matter which mode of transport you are using. A travel pillow supports your head and lets you sleep or nap comfortably without stressing your back, neck, or shoulders. Again, if travelling plans are a part of your to-do list for March, a neck rest pillow is the first thing you should put in your travel bag.


We are talking about summers, beaches, bikinis and harsh sunlight. Can the list end without mentioning sunscreen? In extreme cases, harsh sun rays tan the skin and result in sunburns, rashes, and skin cancer. Thus, whether summer or not, and irrespective of the amount of sunlight outside, sunscreen is essential for your skin, you step outdoors.

Sexy underwear

Does slipping in sexy underwear need a reason? The weather has changed, and so has the month on the calendar. It is the time to indulge in some sexy underwear and feel more confident and hotter about yourself. This is a tip for not only young women but also middle-aged ladies.

Hydrating moisturizing cream and shampoos

As the temperature rises, you will sweat more and lose more water. This dehydration occurs not only on the inside but also on the skin and hair. Dehydrated skin and hair can kill all your summer vibe. Thus, hydrate it with moisturizing creams and shampoos to deeply nourish your skin and hair.

Flowy jackets

Long, flowy jackets are a raging trend in summers owing to their versatility and ability to make the most straightforward piece of clothing sassy. The season is also about flowy long jackets. You can pair them with shorts and a top or a chemise dress or a bikini on the beach.

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Ripped pair of shorts

The chilling winters forced us to wear long boots or pants, and summer gave us the reason to let our legs breathe freely. Flaunt those beauties in a pair of ripped denim shorts. You can style it with camisoles, flowy summer jackets, basic tops, bralettes, and many other options.

Sassy summer tops

Most designers and brands have started launching their summer fashion and do not wait to grab the latest tops for women online and offline.

Try your hands on tie-dye clothes, animal printed tops, lace bralettes, strap peplum tops, and pastels. These varieties will surely make you the show-stopper for the season. Let us help you with the latest trends that will rule the summer market this year.