Sexy night dress for women and other elixirs for sexless marriage!

The world is changing, and the society we live in is transforming. Relationships and their dimensions too are changing, and one of the common problems in modern-day marriages in India is the rising number of sexless marriages. The competitive lifestyle has pushed everyone in a race, and both the husband and wife are infringed in the run that they forget to analyse the losses their relationships are facing. Sexless marriage is a prophecy in India, and though the couples do not take this seriously, it affects their relationship and future bond. Physical intimacy is crucial for a mental bond that will last for a lifetime. Simple things such as a husband complimenting his wife or getting her flowers or a wife stepping in a sexy night dress for women now and then can do the trick.

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In this blog, let's assess the small steps that both partners can take to enhance the physical intimacy in their relationship.

Complement each other

As the years pass, we start taking each other for granted. The partners stop noticing each other, and the good act of complimenting goes out of the room. It's vital to keep love awake to make your physical intimacy meaningful every time you touch each other. So, start noticing and complimenting your partner. Men, you can give her that flirty stare when she buys luxury bra and panty sets in India. Complementing is not just a man's task, so women, you too, need to check him out every time he wears a new suit and shower him with your good words.

Let your partner know that your eyes and heart are laid on them and see how it transforms your bedroom life.


As social media and mobiles are invading more and more in our private spaces, humans have started becoming introverts and seek comfort in gadgets and validation from social media. One prime reason that your partner has lost interest in you or sex might be that they are distracted. An easy way to bring things on track is talking. Open your heart out to your partner and let them do the same. Open communication is a key to every successful marriage, and love is cherished through mind and body.

Regular health checkups

Pollution, stress, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits have weakened our bodies. Thus, as you pass the mark of 30, frequent health checkups should be a mandatory part of your life. Also, health reasons might be refraining your partner or you from indulging in sex. So, it will help you cure and engage in sexual activities again.

No room for stress

Stress is an enormous bumper in every individual's mental health game. Whether the wife is wearing sexy lingerie and id=f she is stressed, forget about seducing her husband; she will not feel sexy in the first place. Similarly, nothing will work if a man is under stress, no matter what the wife does or how many hot nightwear dresses she wears. We cannot shun our responsibilities to avoid stress, but you can make your bedroom a no-stress zone. Whenever you need to have any stressful discussion, do it in any other room but your bedroom.

Step in a sexy night dress for women

Everything is healthy, and stress is not that big a problem, but your bedroom life is still distorted, then what? Sex does not just happen, especially when you spend a reasonable amount of time with each other. There needs to be that push both for the husband and the wife that tickles their naughty bones. Wives can do it easily by stepping in sensual nightwear dresses now and then. A sexy nightie does not only seduce the on-looker but triggers the wearer's sensuality.

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Monotony makes everything dull, and your bedroom life is not immune to this rule. Same bed, the same ambiance and the same surroundings might have bored your partner. Thus, staycations can serve as a welcome change. Also, do not confuse vacations with a staycation. In the former, you go as a tourist to a place and explore it all through the day and sleep to wake me early the following day and do the same. However, in the latter, you specifically go to spend time with each other, and romance and cuddles are your only takeaways.

Make the children sleep away.

Sleeping on the same bed or in the same room as your children is one of the biggest reasons making your marriage sexless. When kids forget about stepping in a sexy night dress for women, a wife cannot even think about sex. The constant fear of your children waking up when you are engrossed in the act might be hampering your sex life. If possible, make them sleep in a different room, and if your house space does not permit that, at least lay their bed at the farthest distance from yours.