Is your nighty sex dress in India not working its charm? Read this to know the mistakes you might be doing

In several of our blogs, we have highlighted many issues and concerns in the world of women that are often ignored or are discarded from the dinner table discussion list. Our blogs have analyzed menstruation, vaginal hygiene, physical intimacy, sexual myths, and many such topics at length to spread awareness regarding the same.


I call it physical intimacy, as plain sex sounds like love-making without actual love. Physical intimacy is a crucial part of every marriage, as love-making and the passion between the partners enhance their bond further. Many studies suggest that good sex life makes both partners happier and connected with each other. Thus, if your marriage is going on the path of sexless marriage, either you or your partner or both of you are guilty of one, all, or some of these mistakes.

Not Experimenting Enough

If you and your partner refute from experimenting and trying different positions and are sticking to the same game every time, this might be a reason for the diminishing physical intimacy between you two. Monotony kills the vibe, and sexual relationships are no different from this rule. You can read books and articles that contain information about the ways you can bring variety to your sex life and shun your bedroom life from becoming monotonous and boring.

Second, Third, Fourth…. Honeymoon

If you always travel with kids, your physical intimacy will surely go for a toss. Thus, reserve some outings for just the two of you minus the kids. It need not be a long trip, just a weekend getaway in a few months that has only you two will suffice. When couples cannot spend quality time together owing to other commitments, they try to make up for it with gifts. Rather than spending on these small tokens of affection, save and take a small break with your partner.

No Boring Nightwear

I agree the comfort is the only thing you need while sleeping but not at the cost of your sex life. if you are not used to wearing sexy night wear regularly, at least wear comfortable clothes that are designed from fabrics that feel sexy on your skin and sensuous to your eyes. If you are underrating the role sexy lingerie plays in better sexual intercourse, you need to think again my friend.  

Not Celebrating Your Body Enough

Each one of us complains about one or the other body features we have. Criticizing your body is the last thing you should do as it affects your mental well-being and also your libido. The last thing you need to do in front of your partner is self-criticism in respect of your body. Always be body positive, and compliment yourself every day when you stand in front of the mirror.