Wearing a hot night dress for women in India yet the oomph is missing? Read on to know more.

At Billebon, we have taken it on our shoulders to talk about anything and everything that bothers a woman, and topics that are often shied away from such as vaginal and menstrual hygiene, breast cancer, sex, and others.


Sexless marriages and relationships are becoming a growing concern lately due to a number of commitments such as kids, finances, professional and other responsibilities that both the partners have to shoulder. With passing years, sex starts seeming less enthralling, and you yourself might be the reason for this shift.

In this blog, let's have a look at some of the most common mistakes that might be affecting your sex life.

Cuddling Your Gadgets

Many men and women are guilty of this one, as they prefer spending time checking their social media accounts or binge-watching their favorite shows or playing online games before sleeping, rather than cuddling their partner sleeping next to them. In many relationships, either both the partners are doing this, and in some only of them is while the other is being ignored. Sex does not happen out of the blue after few years of marriage and cuddling with each other or those soft kisses and pecks are the best way to initiate. But this can happen only when both the partners are completely into each other during bedtime minus the distractions.

Feeding Too Much or Too Late

Generally, when you consume heavy dinner or eat heavy midnight snacks you will end up feeling overfed. This feeling leads to less or zero energy and tiredness that kills your urge to have sex. Thus, eat lighter meals before bed and maybe skip the dessert and replace it with some bed breaking sex. You can dress up in a hot night dress for ladies in India as the cream to the pudding.

That Extra Glass of Alcohol

Alcohol no matter which one you prefer, in a small amount can turn you on, but you definitely need to know where to stop. People usually drink to fight stress or tiredness, but little do they know that alcohol itself is a depressant and ends up making you feel tired. Drinking too much alcohol is killing your sex drive and can be a primary culprit of ruining your sex life.

Pets or Kids in Bed

We know you love the warmth you feel while sleeping and cuddling your kids and your pet peeves, but this is largely affecting your sex life. The entire day your kids and your pets are around you, so you can afford those night hours without them. Sex is not just for that few seconds of satisfaction and happiness you feel after doing it, but physical intimacy plays a major role in preserving love and attachment between couples in the long run. Thus, put your best foot forward and revamp your physical intimacy again.

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